A Guide to Planning a Socially Distant Outdoor Birthday Party

A Guide to Planning a Socially Distant Outdoor Birthday Party

Social distancing doesn't mean that your birthday party has to stop. There are ways to plan a party that's outdoors and safe enough for some serious fun even though there are regulations in place. One important thing to know is that you must keep a close eye on your area and your local government’s regulations.

By being in touch with the latest news, you can be the best judge on whether it's a good time to throw a party or if you need to wait for things to get better. However, it's possible to plan an outdoor party where everybody can be safe and follow regulations when the time is right. Here is a guide to planning a socially distant outdoor birthday party.

1. Provide Reusable Face Masks

Wearing face masks is a rather new concept for many of us, so many of us are still learning how to wear them. The good news is that we are not alone: many people in many other countries have been wearing them for decades to protect against outdoor pollution. Make face masks fun by providing some fun birthday masks.

Not only do face masks make socializing safer, but your guests can also take them home and use them again. Customizing this mask is as easy as buying reusable cotton face masks and ironing on decals that you find in the craft store. These masks allow people to socialize more comfortably and reduce the risk of transmitting aerosols if they must be closer than six feet to each other.

2. Plan Socially Distant Games

There are plenty of fun things that you can do at a birthday party that doesn't involve close contact. For example, a game of charades or trivia can get people together without forcing everyone to be in close contact with each other. Keep all game activity items safely tucked away in a couple of canvas storage bins to stay organized.

Space every chair six feet apart to give everyone enough space to social distance and you'll have a wonderful time. It's important to have the spectators aware of their positions as they watch the games as well. If you need to leave markings on the floor to have people stand and sit in the right places, please do so.

3. Offer Single-Serve Beverages & Separate Meals

Another important part of planning a socially distanced party is to make sure the food is served in a safe way. This means no buffets or community punch bowls, but instead, single-serve beverages and boxed meals are a must. This means juice boxes or soda cans should be offered. Also, single packed boxes of food should be arranged as a “Grab & Go” station for each guest. Or, if you prefer to make it more elaborate, you can hire catering to serve everybody individually as they are seated at the table or on their respective personalized beach towel. The goal is to make sure that there is no cross-contamination and too much congregating over food arrangements, which can make it difficult to stay socially distanced.

4. Keep Your Guests Comfortable

To keep your guests comfortable, create comfortable environments that coordinate with the season, such as outdoor propane heaters for a winter party and plenty of shade for a summer party. Beautiful throw pillows can also make excellent decorations for outdoor furniture lounge areas.

Cold drinks keep guests in the spring and summer satisfied when the sun beats down, while hot coffee and cocoa keep guests nice and warm when the temperature starts to fall. When the weather is piping hot, socially distanced pool parties are also acceptable when the proper measures are in place. The key is to have a pulse on how the guests are feeling and what you would want during that type of weather.

5. Offer Many Opportunities to Wash Hands

Above all, do everything you can to keep your party sanitized. Give your guests plenty of opportunities to wash their hands. Placing bottles of hand sanitizer in pump form around the party is the most convenient. Keep them in central locations and make sure that everyone has access to them. Also, lead a clear pathway to the bathrooms where you provide plenty of soap and one-time-use hand towels.

To keep germs away, leave empty seagrass baskets next to the sink and offer of a generous pile of small bath towels so that each guest can dry their hands and dispose of the towel. Paper towels are also a fine alternative to ensure nobody is using the same towel. By making these sanitary precautions, guests will be able to socialize and stay clean. Follow these tips and you can plan a socially distant outdoor birthday party that makes everybody feel welcome and comfortable. 


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