Guide to Modest Swimwear for 2023

Guide to Modest Swimwear for 2023

Are you in the market for a modest swimwear option that provides the coverage you need while allowing you to be your most stylish self? Turns out it is indeed possible to sport swimsuits that are both super stylish and modest at the same time! If you are searching for trendy swimwear that you can feel comfortable in, look no further. In this post, we will take a look at some of the top modest swimwear options for the 2023 season.

A One-Piece Swimsuit in Any Style

When shopping for a modest swimsuit that offers the coverage you need, a one piece swimsuit is a safe bet. Not only are they one of the more modest swimsuit options available, but they also provide a timelessly chic and elegant look wherever you go: your backyard pool, the local beach, a tropical vacation locale, or a luxurious boat on the lake. One-piece swimsuits come in a variety of styles with different sleeve lengths ranging from sleeveless to strappy to short sleeves and even long sleeves. In addition to sleeve variation, one-piece swimsuits come with different necklines, from V-necks to scoop necks to a high neck swimsuit, offering maximum modesty.

A Sporty Tankini

If you don’t feel like a bikini is right for you, try a more conservative alternative: the classic tankini. A tankini offers complete coverage of the torso (save the arms, unless you opt for a long-sleeve tankini) and can be paired with bikini bottoms or swim shorts.

Essentially, a tankini is like a tank top that you can wear in the water. This provides the coverage you need while ensuring maximum freedom of movement on the beach, by the pool, or in the water. Tankinis are undeniably just as stylish as bikinis or any other type of swimsuit. You can find tankini tops in a variety of styles, cuts, colors, and prints. When you shop at Lands’ End, you’ll find that our tankini tops can be paired with matching bottoms or mixed with bikini bottoms in other prints or solid colors.

A Glamorous Beach Cover Up

When shopping for swimwear, there’s no need to limit yourself exclusively to swimsuits. Swimwear accessories are just as important! A beach cover-up is a fantastic item to have in your swimwear collection, especially if you are looking for more modest options. Not only do beach cover-ups provide an element of modesty, but they also offer loads of practical benefits and versatility. A beach cover-up is a perfect item to wear when walking to and from a beach, attending a pool party, or going on vacation. When you are feeling a bit of a chill after a dip in the pool, wrap yourself up in a fabulous beach cover-up. Additionally, a long beach cover-up will offer you plenty of sun protection wherever you find yourself. Beach cover-ups come in all different styles, cuts, and lengths. You can find beach cover-ups in shorter styles, such as a mini dress cover-up as well as longer beach cover-ups with a maxi dress length and long sleeves.

Modest Swim Bottoms

If bikini bottoms aren’t your thing, there are plenty of swimwear options that add a little more coverage. Instead, opt for stylish swim shorts or a cute swim skirt. Both options provide more coverage than standard bikini bottoms but don’t limit your freedom of movement on dry land or in the water. Like many of the other modest swimwear styles discussed earlier in this post, bottoms like swim skirts and swim shorts come in a variety of stylish colors and prints. You can also find them in various lengths, styles, cuts, and sizes. Whether you need a petite size, regular size, or plus size, you can find every option right here at Lands’ End. Swim shorts and swim bottoms can be paired with any kind of swim top, including bikinis, tankinis, and rash guards with various sleeve lengths.

A Sporty Bikini

If you engage in various water sports, whether that means swimming laps, playing in a water polo league, surfing, diving, or anything else, you can find an impressive array of athletic bikinis and swimsuits that provide modest coverage and total flexibility. When you shop at Lands’ End, you will find athletic bikinis in unique styles and cuts, including bikini tops with a scoop neck or high neck. Additionally, all of the modest, athletic swimwear options at Lands’ End provide more than one benefit. You can find bikini tops and bottoms that offer modest coverage, freedom of movement, and plenty of important product features such as chlorine resistance and UPF protection.

Shopping for modest, comfortable, and stylish swimsuits you can wear all summer long or for your upcoming beach vacation? Visit Lands’ End today to explore the best selection of swimwear and swimwear accessories for men, women, and children!


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