Guide for Gifting to the Neighbors

Guide for Gifting to the Neighbors

The list of people you want to treat during the holiday season never seems to end. There are your family and friends, of course, but there are also countless others who will probably make the cut. There are your kids’ teachers, your housekeeper, your coworkers, and anyone else who has a positive impact on your life. For many, that list also includes the neighbors. They’re the friendly faces you look forward to seeing on your morning walk, the ones you turn to for a last-minute ingredient, and those who join you for drinks on lazy summer evenings.

What to give? It’s easy to find great gifts that are as useful as they are festive. Whether you’re treating a neighbor who’s a close girlfriend to something stylish, like a cozy Christmas sweater you know she’ll love, or surprising the neighborhood baker extraordinaire with something for the kitchen, there are many options to consider. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind as the holiday season approaches.

For Your Fellow Pet Lover

If you’ve bonded over your mutual love of dogs and have a regular habit of meeting up while walking your furry family members, surprise your neighbor with a gift bag full of treats for their pet. Include toys, a collar, shampoo, treats, and other essentials that you’re sure will be useful to their canine.

For a neighbor who is a close friend, don’t be shy about going the extra mile. This is the most wonderful time of year, after all, and what better way to infuse some joy and light into someone’s life than to remind them how much they — and their pet — mean to you? A Christmas dog carrier is both thoughtful and cheerful.

For the Neighborhood Foodie

Maybe you two love to cook and are always exchanging recipes, or inviting one another over for meals with your respective families. Cooking is a nurturing act that can naturally bring two people together, so it’s no wonder you’re so close to the neighbor who shares your love of food and tasty treats.

In keeping with the season, a few Christmas kitchen and dining treats wouldn’t go amiss. Now’s the perfect time to treat your neighbor to a package full of deliciousness, whether it’s a box of classic peppermint bark or a sweet and salty sampler filled with nuts, trail mix, and chocolates. How can you go wrong?

For the Entertainer

There’s always that one neighbor who’s really the best at hosting. They’re known for their impromptu gatherings, holiday parties, and their ability to put it all together with seemingly no effort at all. It’s one of the joys of living in a social neighborhood, and it can really help bring the spirit of the season to everyone’s doorstep.

No doubt that person definitely has everything they need, but they’ll be grateful for a thoughtful host gift for their upcoming holiday party. A bottle of wine is always a nice gesture, but don’t overlook a small package of hand soap, hand lotion, and decorative hand towels that they can place in the guest bathroom. If you’re close friends with this neighbor, you might even consider monogramming the towels.

For the Close Friend

Consider yourself fortunate if your neighbor also happens to be a good friend. There’s always someone nearby to chat with when you need an ear, you’ve got an instant partner in crime when you’re in the mood for walking or chatting or sipping lattes on a chilly morning, and you always have someone to talk to if you’re concerned about anything going on in the neighborhood.

For that person, your options open up considerably. A more substantial gift that you know they can use, like a Christmas wreath or plants and greenery, is the perfect choice for someone who loves to celebrate the season and is the first in the neighborhood to put up their tree. Or if it’s especially chilly in your area, a cozy blanket makes a lovely choice for your good friend.

For the Fix-It Neighbor

You’re equally fortunate if you have a neighbor who happens to know how to fix anything at the drop of the hat. They have all the recommendations for home improvement providers. They’ve got you covered if you need some help shoveling your driveway. They somehow always have the tools needed to perform quick repairs.

Keep your gift simple, yet relevant. Baked goods are great as a way of expressing your gratitude for the countless times they’ve helped you out when you needed it the most. If you’re a closer friend, something useful for the home, like a Christmas centerpiece or a set of storage baskets, is a thoughtful choice that they’re sure to appreciate.

Your neighbor is sure to be grateful for your kind gesture no matter what you give. It’s the thought that counts, after all, and not everyone considers their neighbors when putting together their holiday giving lists. Showing some appreciation at this time of year is just a kind way of expressing how much you value them as neighbors.


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