Swim Guide: Finding the right swim trunks for your little one

A Guide to Finding the Right Swimming Trunks for Your Little One

Summer will be here again before we know it, and that means fun at the beach or pool isn’t far behind. Be ready for those first summer days with cute, comfortable swim trunks for your little one. Get ready to ditch those boys’ cargo shorts and head for the water for all kinds of family fun!

Look for Adjustable Waists

Kids of every age, from toddlers to preteens, are notorious for having growth spurts when you least expect them. In order to account for some summer growth, look for boys’ swim trunks that have some adjustability built-in. Swim trunks with elastic waists work well to move slightly and grow with your child. If your child doesn’t prefer full elastic, look for versions with elastic in the back. Many swim trunk designs and board shorts are also made with adjustable ties that allow your child to make them tighter or looser as needed for the perfect fit at the waist.

Get the Proper Length and Fit

The length of your child’s swim trunks depends on a few different factors. You’ll want to account for his preferences, of course, as some boys like shorts that fall a bit longer and some are more comfortable with shorter styles. No matter what length he likes best, they must fit properly. Either have your little one try on trunks or board shorts in the dressing room, or take his measurements and compare them to the brand’s sizing chart when ordering to get the correct fit. The better they fit, the more comfortable they'll be, and your beach baby will want to wear them all day!

Find Quick-Drying Fabrics

Nothing’s more uncomfortable than a soggy swimsuit, so look for kids’ swim trunks that are made with quality fabrics designed to dry quickly. Options that wick away moisture or repel water and dry in a flash will keep your little one comfortable, help prevent rashes, and be easier to keep clean. Consider chlorine-resistant fabrics (which are often found with quick-dry swimwear) to help swimsuits for boys last and look new longer.

Look for Practical Features

Once you have the basics of fit and fabric down, consider those smaller details that can make all the difference when it comes to shopping for swim trunks. Features you may want to look for include:

Opt for Sun Protection for Swim Trunks

The best bet in buying swim trunks is to look for safer fabrics that have sun protection built in. Designs with UPF 50 will block up to 98 percent of the sun’s rays and are recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Keep in mind the shorts only protect covered areas, so shop for boys’ rash guards and use sunscreen on any exposed skin.

Ask His Opinion on Colors, Patterns, and Styles

No matter how young they are, most kids will want to have an opinion on the color, print, or style of their trunks. Some kids prefer bright colors like neon green or electric blue, while others favor sleek dark hues like navy or black. Imaginative prints are available alongside cool geometric patterns, so there’s something for every little man’s style.

Not Just for Boys

Swim trunks are the go-to option when it comes to boys’ swimwear, but if you are shopping for a little girl, don’t rule them out. Lots of girls love the freedom of swimming and water sports with trunks or swim shorts. These can provide extra sun protection and make it easy to engage in active play. They can easily be worn over regular girls’ swimsuits, too. Since there are so many colors and styles, there is sure to be an option that suits the little girl in your life.

Kids can have a blast in the summer sun and water with the right swim trunks. Focus on fit, quality, and features while allowing them to have a say in the color, pattern, or design to keep everyone happy.


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