A Guide to Finding a Trendy and Comfortable Trench Coat

A Guide to Finding a Trendy and Comfortable Trench Coat

Trench coats are classy wardrobe staples that have stood the test of time for women and men. Think of all the Hollywood icons who wore them on the big screen. These coats make people look so effortlessly chic and glamorous. But when it comes to finding one that’s not only stylish but also comfortable, there are a few things to consider, including the season and the occasion. Let’s explore tips for finding a trendy and comfortable trench coat no matter what time of year it is.

What is a Trench Coat?

The trench coat style is typically a longer type of coat that reaches at least past the hips, but sometimes all the way to the mid-calf. They can be hooded or unhooded and have a collar that is wider than that of most coats. On cooler days, you may be able to stand up the collar to protect your neck from wind and cold. Alternatively, the collar may only be intended to lay flat, but there will definitely be a collar, even if it is just for aesthetic purposes. Trench coats typically also have a V-neck style neckline with collar-like flaps on either side of the V. Another standout feature of the trench coat is that it is buckled at the waist with a long belt made of the same fabric as the coat.

Trench Coats for Winter

If there is one season when lightweight trench coats may not be as popular, it is probably winter. That’s not to say there aren’t winter trench coats, though. It’s just that they’re not made for playing around in the snow or when there’s a major snowstorm going on. If you’re going out for the night or need a coat to wear to work on a typical winter day, a wool trench coat will keep you warm and create a dressed-up look. You’ll want to wear it with a winter scarf to block any wind.

Try One During the Transitional Seasons

Trench coats may not be warm enough for those extremely cold winter days we get in some parts of the country, but they are ideal for the transitions between seasons. In springtime, and in fall, you can wear them for running errands, heading to work, and just for going out in general. Depending on the material they’re made of, some trench coats may be warmer than others. A more lightweight one may be ideal for springtime, while a heavier one may be better as the temperatures gradually drop in fall. As for what to wear with them, keep in mind that they’re a more dressy type of coat, so you’ll want the rest of your outfit to match in style. Shoes like ankle boots and heels look great with trench coats. For the bottoms, any type of pants or jeans work, as do women’s dresses.

Take It to the Rain

Trench coats were intended for rainy weather, so they make for some of the best rain coats for days when you want to look stylish and aren’t going to let a few raindrops get in the way. Just make sure the one you choose is listed as waterproof or water-resistant. Polyester and twill fabrics are common for trench raincoats. In appearance, they may look a little more casual than some more formal trench coats if they’re made specifically for the rain, so feel free to pair those with your favorite wellingtons or duck boots if you’re simply wearing it for running errands or walking the dog.

Make It a Date

A trench coat is great when you need a coat that will help you look dressed up and ready to hit the town. The belted waist not only accentuates your waistline, but also creates an attractive silhouette. Black and khaki are popular colors for trench coats as they are neutrals that go with most outfits and shoes. The material will make a difference, too. For example, one with a satin or metallic finish will make more of a bold statement, whereas a woven cotton will be more subtle and simple. And you can wear them over anything because they dress up any outfit, unlike some casual coats that tend to contrast with professional or formal attire.

If there’s one type of outerwear that’s worth having on hand to make you feel and look glamorous, it’s definitely the stylish trench coat.


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