A Guide to Decorating Your Deck

A Guide to Decorating Your Deck     

Outdoor spaces are notoriously trickier to decorate than indoor spaces. With the changing seasons and exposure to weather, there are a lot more factors that need to be taken into account when decorating an outdoor space. But for many people, decorating an outdoor space is just as important as decorating your home. Your deck, porch, and patio serve as an extension of your home, after all. Especially in the summer months when we are all spending more time outside, we want our outdoor spaces to look stunning and beautiful. Decorating your deck is a great way to bring your personality and style to a part of your home where you are sure to be spending a lot of time this summer. Read on for our guide to decorating your deck.  

Color Scheme 

Choosing a color scheme for your deck can be a little trickier, as the tones will be more neutral and subtle. While you won’t be choosing paint colors or wallpaper for your deck, you will still be selecting furnishings and decor that should all work harmoniously together. If your deck is surrounded by a lot of stone, you will want to stick to a gray or cool color scheme. If your deck wood is stained in a way that brightens the wood and adds a warm earthy hue, you will want to add decor that reflects those tones. For example, if your deck is a warmer hue opt for terracotta pots and red throw blankets instead of stone statues and gray pillows. A harmony of hues will be easy on the eye and feel cozier when you enjoy the space.  


Furnishings for your deck will be different from the rest of the house. Many stores offer settees, chairs, tables, and chaise lounge chairs that are designed to be kept outside. Depending on what climate you live in, be prepared to take some of your deck furnishings and decorations in for the winter months. Choose outdoor furniture that matches the style of your home while also making you feel like you’re outdoors. Wicker furniture and Adirondack chairs are classics for deck furnishings and will enhance the style of your outdoor space. If your deck is under an overhang and relatively protected from the sun and rain, you have a little bit more room for creativity here. Feel free to put a simple rug under your deck furniture and add some seagrass baskets to match any wicker furniture pieces. Store useful items like blankets and bug repellent in the baskets for easy access during cooler dusk hours. 

Accessories and Materials 

Accessorizing your deck is a fun and creative way to bring style and personality to your outdoor space. Throw pillows are some of the best additions to a deck space. Choose a pattern or color of throw pillow that matches the overall color scheme of your deck. If you’re going for an alpine look, choose neutral and earthy tones like cream, ochre, or forest green. If you want to feel the beach vibes from your own deck, choose nautical themes such as stripes, blues, whites, and sea greens. Be sure when choosing your throw pillows that they are made of a weatherproof and water-resistant fabric so you don’t have to worry about them every time it rains. The right array and arrangement of throw pillows can turn any deck space from drab to dazzling.  

Lights and Lanterns   

Lights and lanterns are another great way to personalize and deck-out your deck. Many of us like to have dinner on the deck or enjoy some deck drinks while watching the sunset. Rather than relying solely on your outdoor wall lighting, add some stylish string lights or lanterns to illuminate and jazz up the deck area. Even something so simple as some giant candles in beautiful holders can change the whole feel and experience of the deck.  

Floral Flair    

There’s no easier way to decorate your deck space than with plants. Plantings don’t have to be reserved just for the garden. Choose some beautiful pots that accompany the style of your deck and plant some of your favorite flowers there to enjoy without having to leave the deck. The deck is a great place to keep houseplants during the summer months, and it’s also the perfect place to grow exotic plants that thrive in the summer but prefer to move indoors for the winter. If you have a green thumb, deck out the whole deck with a floral theme and fill the space with your plants. Soft greens, warm creams, and jungle or floral patterns are a great way to decorate deck space to feel natural but refined.  

Take some time this summer to decorate your deck with the same love and style as you would the inside of your home. It will be worth every ounce of effort when you are sitting and enjoying the comforts of home in the great outdoors.


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