A Guide to Shopping for Moms of Boys

A Guide to Shopping for Moms of Boys

When you’re a mom of a boy, you will fill in different roles during the many stages of your son’s life. But whether you’re meeting every need of your toddler or giving wise counsel to your high schooler, you know that the momentum never stops. Your son may lead an action-packed life no matter the age or stage, and you’re here to help him along the way. As he grows and gains more independence, so does his power over what he wears. Each day, your guy gets one day closer to adulthood and gradually makes more decisions on his own. As his mom, you can be there for him in many ways, which include shopping for comfortable, functional clothes that will get him through the seasons. Here’s a guide to shopping for moms of boys.

Toddler Boys

Toddlers seem to have endless sources of energy and at times distress their clothing. Puddles, dirt, and food mess seem to call them as they navigate the big wide world of things to explore. At this stage, mom is making most of the decisions about what to wear. After all, toddlers are notorious for thinking a T-shirt is a perfectly acceptable form of outerwear in the winter when he certainly needs some boys coats.

While you’re making the bulk of the choices, such as selecting seasonally appropriate sweaters, jeans, and shirts, you can ask your son to make a few choices on his own. For instance, after selecting a sweater that he needs for school, ask him which color he wants. Try to keep the choice under three if he is older, or just between two things if he is a young toddler. This will give your little guy practice at making choices for himself and personalizing his wardrobe.

Grade School Boys

When your son enters elementary school, he grows and matures a lot over the next few years. He starts school as a young child who needs a lot of help and ends it as a preteen who is ready for middle school. During these years, shopping for your son certainly changes. In elementary school, he is much more verbal than a toddler and can clearly tell you what he wants. Children in this age group become keener on trends too as they get older, so it’s important to listen to what they need.

Continue to increase his agency in what he chooses, such as with colors and screen print designs, and slowly increase his selection influence. As he gains sense and problem-solving skills, your son will start picking seasonally-appropriate pieces like boys cargo shorts, stretch jeans, and pullover hoodies on his own. Be sure to keep a strong collection of basic shirts, pants, and underwear fully stocked in his room and to donate unworn or outgrown clothing after every season.

Middle and High School Transitions

When your son moves on to become a preteen and beyond, he will start making the majority of his clothing decisions. Because he wants to stay comfortable and in style, he will naturally pick items that have these effects, so you don’t have to worry about shorts in the winter (most of the time). However, a problem some parents of teens face is their son not wanting diversity in his wardrobe. Being on a lean rotation is good for simplicity, but you can always sneak in neutral basics like a solid white hoodie or boys sweaters to supplement his wardrobe.

As he gets older, you will see new, unique pieces that he picks up while shopping online or going out to the store, especially after he gets his first job. If you see any lack, such as holes in socks or a dwindling number of t-shirts, feel free to stock up on these basics so that he can have options easily in the morning.

Shoes & Accessories

Other non-clothing items like shoes and boys belts influence how outfits look too. Keep your son equipped with high-quality sandals, loafers, and sneakers that he can throw on in a hurry. Be mindful to provide shoes with different levels of formality so your son can be ready for the next fancy dinner out or party with his friends without needing to rush to the store. Ask him what styles he likes to wear so that you can grab anything that you happen to see while shopping. You never know what you can find at the most unexpected places. By keeping your eye out for good shoes and accessories, you can make sure his outfits are complete.

Shopping for your guy changes as he gains more skills and independence. By following these tips, you can keep his closet stocked with the clothes he loves.


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