A Guide to Buying Swimsuits for Kids

A Guide to Buying Swimsuits for Kids

Buying swimsuits for kids can be a breeze with the right tips. Having a high-quality, well-fitting, fabulous suit for your little ones means they’ll be ready for fun in the sun all summer long. Get ready to shop for the perfect looks!

Sun Protection Matters

While great bathing suits for kids help put the fun in summer, a key factor, from boys’ swim trunks to girls’ swimsuits, is what type of sun protection they offer. Swim shirts with sleeves, swim shorts, and many single and two-piece suits are made to help cover the body for sun protection. In addition to styles that help cover the skin to reduce sun exposure, many kids’ swimwear pieces designed today are usually specialty fabrics that provide enhanced sun protection. Look for suits that include sun protection to help keep your little one safe and healthy without sacrificing summer fun.

Functional, Durable Fabrics

Along with sun protection, there are also lots of other features to keep in mind when it comes to kids’ swimsuits. The fabric is important — it should be a durable, comfortable fabric that is flexible enough to move with the body, but also lightweight and designed to wick away moisture. Since kids often spend extended time periods in their swimwear during the summer months, these features are essential. It’s also ideal to look for swimwear that will resist fading and can hold up to sun exposure, chlorine, and saltwater.

Finding the Right Fit for Kids’ Swimsuits

An ill-fitting swimsuit can be uncomfortable (and even potentially embarrassing!). Kids will likely be playing at the pool or beach, so it’s important that their swimwear fits their body well. Suits should be fitted enough that they won’t be loose or sag, but they should not be too tight that they are uncomfortable. It’s important to look at the different size charts, measurements, and reviews since sizing and fit can vary depending on the swimsuit style and brand. For extra peace of mind, make sure to buy your child’s swimsuit from an online retailer that offers an easy return and exchange policy so you can get the perfect fit without any hassle.

Should you size up for summer? When it comes to kids’ swimsuits, the answer is generally no. However, once your child finds the swimsuit they love, you may want to consider getting it in one size bigger in case he or she has a growth spurt over the summer.

Choosing Colors, Patterns, and Styles

Choosing the perfect color, pattern, and style is another top consideration. Just like adults, kids want to feel good in their swimwear, so having colors, patterns, and designs that fit their style preferences and personality is important. For younger kids who aren’t ready to express their opinions on style, mom, dad, or other family members or friends can have fun browsing through cute styles and choosing from a range of different designs, from solid colors to bright summer shades. For kids who are old enough to tell parents what they prefer, let them browse online with you to decide on the swimwear they love.

Sometimes the colors or designs shown in the kids’ swimwear section can appear a little different in real life than on the computer screen, so it can pay to be ready with a few different options and have an easy returns policy to turn to. Popular options include chevron prints, tie-dye, color-blocking, sea life or shell prints, and space or futuristic designs. Rainbow patterns, colorful or simple stripes, floral prints, camo, checkered designs, two-tone suits, and swimwear with small accents like flowers, ruffles, or multi-color straps.

Deciding on a Swimwear Wardrobe

While adults may be able to get away with having one or maybe even two favorite swimsuits to see them through the warm-weather season, it can be a little trickier with kids. In case of accidents, it’s always best for a child to have a backup swimsuit for any trip to the pool, beach, or another water-related venue. Kids also tend to spend more time in their swimwear than adults, whether it’s playing in the sprinkler on the back lawn, splashing in a kiddie pool, or running along the beach.

Having multiple pieces for kids to choose from is a good investment. They can choose what they want for any occasion, and mix and match pieces to create new looks. Pieces to consider for a full kids’ swimwear wardrobe include: swim shorts and skirts, short or long-sleeved girls’ and boys’ rash guards, girls' tankini tops, racer-back swim tops, girls’ one-piece swimsuits, and more.

Complete Your Kid’s Look With Swim Cover-ups and Summer Shoes

Once you’re set with the right swimsuit pieces, it’s time to finish off with coordinating pieces like swim cover-ups and summer shoes, like water shoes or water sandals. Boat shoes, sneakers, and other kids’ sandals are also good options. Flips flops are great for quick trips in and out of the car, but overall kids’ summer shoes should be more durable when it comes to playing and running.

Cover-up pieces like short and long-sleeved tops, lightweight tees, cover-up dresses, loose terry pants, and cover-up hoodies all make great choices. And don’t forget the beach towels! A cute beach towel makes the perfect companion for your kids’ favorite swimsuit and all their summer fun.

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