Gray Outfit Style Guide

Gray Outfit Style Guide

Gray. Perhaps the most versatile and widely considered color in all of fashion. When it comes to the best colors to incorporate into an outfit to balance it out and provide a sense of maturity and style, you can always depend on the color gray to get you there. So what is it that makes gray such a great color and what is the best way to style it? Take a look at our gray outfit style guide to put together the best ensembles with this incredibly versatile color!

The Ultimate Color

Gray is truly one of the most reliable and versatile colors in fashion. Whether you’re looking for a way to soften the boldness of another color or piece in your outfit, or you’re looking for an easy, go-to piece for a rushed morning on the go, it’s comforting to know that you can always fall back on a gray article of clothing to make everything work.

Great for All Seasons

Winter, summer, spring or fall, it’s easy and appropriate to incorporate the color gray into your outfits. Whether you’re pairing a light gray women’s dress with a pastel, cream cardigan or you’re wearing some gray slacks with a maroon sweater in the wintertime, gray is always easily worn, no matter the weather outside or time of the year.


Gray is both timeless and modern, making it one of the most sophisticated colors that you can have in your wardrobe. Create an ensemble that helps you look put together, professional and mature by incorporating this versatile hue. When in doubt, gray will always be a good color to wear for practically any event or occasion.

Gray Items to Keep In Your Closet

We’ve established that gray is a must-have color to have in your wardrobe. So what are some items that you should consider adding to your closet to simplify the process of putting together outfits and ensembles? Consider some of our go-to gray items that are great to keep on hand.

Pants and Slacks

Pants and slacks are a great place to start when considering which gray items to incorporate into your wardrobe. Use gray pants as a starting point for putting together the rest of your outfit. It will make it incredibly easy to find shirts, sweaters and accessories to wear. A good pair of gray women’s jeans is a great way to go, or perhaps some men’s dress pants for your day in the office. You’ll be happy to have a few pairs of gray pants to lean on!


Focus on getting some gray shirts next. Easily paired with black pants or a colored skirt, a handful of well-fitted gray shirts will prove to be a great addition to your wardrobe. Some gray men’s button down shirts to wear with some black slacks is a timeless look that will never go out of style. Or perhaps you might consider pairing a stylish gray blouse with a pair of white jeans.

Cardigan Sweaters

Layering will never go out of style, and it’s a great way to elevate any ensemble. Get some gray cardigans in your closet- not only will you be extra comfortable and cozy, but it’s an easy way to add some dimension to your outfits. Layer a women’s cardigan sweater over a printed dress or throw a men’s cardigan sweater on over your button down shirt at the office. It’s incredibly easy to add a cardigan to your outfit, and if it’s gray, you’ll especially be glad to have it on hand.

A Good Coat

As the days get colder, you’ll find yourself reaching for a coat when you leave the house in the morning. Consider getting yourself a good coat in gray! It will make it so much easier to choose your outerwear in the morning, because you won’t be rifling through coats in colors that clash with the outfit you’re wearing. All you have to do is grab and go and you’ll be well on your way.

Shoes and Footwear

Top things off with some high-quality, gray shoes. Whether you’re going for a tasteful pair of flats or a pair of gray men’s dress shoes, you’ll be happy to have some footwear in your closet in a good, neutral shade of gray that can easily be paired with whatever you’re wearing. It’s fun to have a few pairs of statement shoes on hand, but when it comes to everyday footwear that you can rely on, you’ll find what you’re looking for in a reliable pair of gray shoes.

We love having clothing items on hand that instill a sense of confidence and that can easily be worn with other items in our closet. Incorporating the color gray into your wardrobe and ensembles is sure to simplify your life and help you feel ready to take on whatever the day brings your way.


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