A Guide to Shopping for Girls' Sweatshirts

A Guide to Shopping for Girls’ Sweatshirts

Finding the perfect outfit for the young lady in your life doesn’t need to be stressful. Today’s adolescent fashion is full of fun styles that every kid will love, no matter how picky they can get. Sweatshirts are an essential layer for transitioning seasons and for chilly classrooms. Check out the amazing fashion styles on the sweatshirts for girls with this essential guide.

Know the Rules

Before you go shopping, be sure to double-check any dress code rules at school. For example, make sure that your young lady has plenty of girls’ polos to match any sweatshirts you may purchase. Some schools don’t allow logos or graphics on clothing. Instead, opt for a girls’ sweatshirt with solid colors or patterns. Let her choose her favorite color, or get a few staple colors that go well with any outfit.

Go for Their Favorites

The best way to get kids excited about clothing is to choose their favorite things. For example, snag a few girls’ hoodies in her favorite color or even a fun graphic featuring her favorite activity. You’ll score bonus points if you can find her favorite color and graphic!

Let her take on an active role in the process and ask which one she likes the best. This keeps your daughter engaged with what she’s wearing. You’ll not only get a girls’ sweatshirt she loves, but you’ll also be able to bond with her, which is a win-win.

Fun Patterns and Graphics

Sweatshirts are more fun with more art! Choose a sweatshirt that has some fun patterns and graphics. You can even go for a mommy-and-me look where you wear an adult version and she wears a children’s version. Get slightly different colors so you both still have a unique look while twinning.

Another option is to choose a sweatshirt that features your daughter’s favorite animal or activity. Let your little one sport her girl power with fun, positive sayings printed on the sweatshirt that encourage a sense of strength. Maybe she likes stars, polka dots, or flowers, in which case you can find a fun sweatshirt that highlights a few of her favorite things. Either way, let her choose a sweatshirt she’s excited about. She’ll wear it more and you’ll get more value from your purchase.

Put Together an Outfit

Now let the fun begin as you build an outfit for your daughter. Every sweatshirt goes well with a pair of girls’ jeans. Choose jeans in different cuts and with cute patches or embroidered designs to match. Since jeans are so versatile, consider having more than one pair.

Next, find a shirt to go with the sweatshirt. For zipped hoodies, choose a shirt that complements the hoodie. When you’re using bold prints and patterns, select an undershirt in a plain but matching color to make the graphics pop. If the sweatshirt is plain, then think about putting together an outfit that has some patterns. If you’re limited by solid colors, choose complementary colors, or pair a bold color with plain black, white, or grey polos to balance the overall look.

Mix and Match

Mixing and matching outfits is an excellent way to get the most out of your kid’s clothing. The more pieces in your child’s wardrobe that can be styled together, the further you can stretch your clothing budget. Sweatshirts are a versatile layer in any wardrobe, so take advantage of multiple styling options. For example, a sweatshirt will go with a variety of bottoms, including Bermuda shorts for girls and even some skirts.

Select classic-colored girls’ tops that go with anything to create multiple looks for less. Consider getting a variety of skirts, pants, and shorts that will also match a couple of different sweatshirts for an array of possibilities to meet any weather conditions.

Shopping for girls’ sweatshirts creates endless options for different styles and moods. Keep your school’s dress code in mind while you shop so you can maximize the usefulness of your next girls’ sweatshirt.  Let your daughter shop for herself and select a sweatshirt she will be excited about. Don’t be shy with colors, patterns, and graphics to create the perfect look that’s uniquely hers. Overall, sweatshirts are an excellent layer perfectly suited for any day.


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