Girls' Cardigan Sweaters for Weekend Lounging

Girls' Cardigan Sweaters for Weekend Lounging

It's sweater weather, and weekends are about to be cozier than ever. You can’t beat spending a weekend lounging at home with the whole family, but we all know that it can start to feel a bit repetitive if you’re not careful! Expanding the family’s loungewear options can be a fun way to mix it up, and cardigan sweaters are the perfect way to do just that. While it might be new for you to associate a cardigan sweater with a relaxing weekend in, they’re actually an easy way to complete any girls’ lounging-at-home look since they’re as stylish and trendy as they are comfortable. Here are just a few reasons why cardigan sweaters are sure to become a weekend essential.

Fun Fits

Cardigan sweaters come in a ton of different styles, so she’ll be set no matter what her ideal look is. The primary styles of cardigan sweaters for girls are button front, zip-front, and open. If she’s more on the preppy side, opt for a button front cardigan in a pastel color. If she’s always ready to jump into the next sports game, she’ll love an easy cotton cardigan sweater with collegiate stripe sleeves or a neutral-colored zip-front cardigan that she doesn’t have to worry about getting a bit dirty. If she’s a glam girl all the way, she’ll be ready to relax AND look fabulous in a sparkle cardigan sweater in a fun color like red. And if she likes the ease of throwing on whatever is nearby while still being the style icon she is, an open cardigan sweater in her favorite color is the way to go.

Comfy Chic

Relaxing is better when you do it in style. Cardigan sweaters are a perfect balance of comfy and chic since they accentuate any outfit rather than covering it up. Plus, they can make even any loungewear feel dressed up. They’re great for layering, so she'll be able to simply throw one on over her favorite girls’ pajamas for maximum comfort and an effortless night-to-day (and probably back to night!) look. Plus, it's easy to make this wardrobe staple just the right amount of dressy for that family Zoom call she almost forgot about!

Very Versatile

Cardigan sweaters aren't just great for layering over sleepwear on a lazy day. They're also easy to dress up when it's time for Sunday dinner (or Saturday night pizza delivery, no judgment here!). Cardigans can make even a simple girls’ shirt look dinner-table ready! If the occasion calls for it, she can dress this look up even more simply by pairing her cardigan sweater with a blouse or turtleneck instead of a tee. She'll love to rock this comfy yet cute outfit when it's time to step away from the TV and help set the table for a tasty meal.

Movie Groovy

Nothing says weekend lounging quite like cozying up on the couch for her favorite movie. She'll love keeping a cardigan sweater slung over the couch arm as the sun sets and the night gets a bit chillier. Rather than peeling her eyes from the screen to go searching for a warmer top, she can simply grab her cardigan sweater and keep enjoying the film. Pair with some fun leggings for girls if she loves to lounge in style. Now all you need is a bowl of popcorn for a perfect night in!

Backyard Best

Just because you’re spending the weekend at home doesn’t mean you can’t get some fresh air as well. Cardigan sweaters are also ideal for relaxing (or playing!) outdoors since they’re easy to throw on or take off. Keep an open cardigan sweater hanging in the mudroom so she can head outside without missing a beat dealing with buttons. This layer is great for backyard games since it’s not restrictive at all while still creating warmth, especially on those extra sunny fall days.

For slightly cooler days, she can reach for a zip-front cardigan sweater to ensure she can play outside for as long as she wants without getting chilly. For peak outdoor fun, pair with athletic bottoms, like leggings or joggers, for a look that’s just as comfortable as it is functional.

With so many cute and comfortable style options, a cardigan sweater is sure to become a weekend staple, no matter where your weekend lounging plans take you (perhaps no further than the couch, of course).


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