Best Gifts for Essential Workers

Best Gifts for Essential Workers

Essential workers put a lot on the line, often taking heroic measures and going above and beyond the call of duty. These health care professionals, teachers, farmers, grocery store employees, delivery people, store and restaurant staff members, and factory workers, among countless others, serve society in ways that many may take for granted.

If you know any essential employees, you may be especially motivated to give them something special this holiday season. They’ve more than earned it for their time, effort, and dedication. As you begin narrowing your choices, keep these Christmas gifts in mind.

Face Masks

It’s a sign of the times, but it’s important to consider the need for protective gear for both work and outside of work. While cloth women’s and men’s face masks are not designed for medical use, they are ideal for those moments when essential workers are taking some much-needed time for themselves.

They can slip these on during their breaks when they’re headed out to grab a cup of coffee. They can wear them when out and about or if they plan to enjoy a distanced meal with a good friend on a day off. They're available in a variety of colors and patterns and these fashionable masks are easy to implement into any wardrobe. They also happen to make great stocking stuffers!

Tote Bag

It’s tough to find time to buy exactly what you need when you’re busy at work. That’s definitely the plight of the essential worker, who often commits long hours to the job. That leaves little room left to browse items like canvas tote bags, which may be especially useful for people who work in health care and education.

Spacious bags are ideal for holding all of their essentials — but it’s the canvas factor that makes this such a genius choice. The material is strong, durable, and robust. It’s built to last, so no matter how often they use it and how much they store inside, they can trust that it will stand up to the challenge without ever wavering. Make it a little more special by personalizing the bag with their initials or name. Your recipients will undoubtedly be delighted.


There’s almost nothing like the feeling of returning to familiar surroundings after hours spent on the clock. Long days at work call for cozy nights at home. For many essential workers, those days may even turn into late nights. They’re more than deserving of cozy clothes and accessories to help them enjoy some self-care and nurturing during those few hours they do get to relax.

A pair of slippers is a thoughtful choice that your recipient will truly appreciate. With so many styles, like classic scuffs, timeless moccasins lined with plush fluff, and even slipper socks, it’s easy to find a style that they’ll love. You can choose to have the slippers monogrammed if you want to put a special stamp on the gift, but either way you can be certain they’ll love having something soft to sink their toes into when they return home at the end of the day.

Winter Accessories

Whether your recipients work inside or outside, winter accessories are sure to help them get through the day in comfort. Whether they stock shelves in a chilly store or deliver groceries throughout town, they will need an extra barrier when temperatures start to plummet later in the season.

Scarves, hats, gloves, and earmuffs are all great options. Think about what might be most practical for the person. Some pairs of gloves are touchscreen-friendly, making it easy for the recipient to make quick calls without removing the accessories. For people who spend a significant part of the workday outside or in a colder space, a pair of earmuffs and a thick scarf to match makes an especially practical gift idea.

Plush Robe

If you know the person well, you may want to consider giving a plush women’s robe this holiday season. There’s nothing like the feeling of soft, touchable fabric to keep them warm and comfortable when they get back home at the end of a blustery day and a long shift at work.

Robes are sources of comfort, something that many essential workers desperately need as they continue to handle their responsibilities with unwavering dedication. It’s the least that you can provide them as an expression of both your gratitude and your hope that they can find some time for themselves during the season to truly unwind, relax, and recharge.

No matter what you give the essential workers in your life, you can trust that they’ll be delighted by anything that provides them with a little comfort. That’s what the holiday season is all about — and there’s never been a better reason to show them just how grateful you are for all that they do.


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