3 Gift Ideas for Summer Weddings

3 Gift Ideas for Summer Weddings

So you got the save-the-date card, and you RSVP'd as well. You even sifted through all your favorite special occasion dresses and found the perfect one to wear at the upcoming wedding. As a guest, you are almost at the finish line. Now, you just need to order the right gift for the bride and groom.

While most of the time, couples make it easy by posting an online registry in the invitation itself, there may be other instances in which nothing is specified. In these cases, you can still arrive at the wedding with a gift that the bride and groom will love. Whenever you're in doubt, these fail-safe wedding gift ideas are sure to thrill any bride or groom. Check out these three gift ideas for summer weddings.

Life Tip: Always Look at the Registry First

With the advent of convenient technology like apps and online registries, brides and grooms usually prefer to just tell you what they want. Whether they make an Amazon wish list or scan their most wanted items at Bed Bath & Beyond, all wedding guests should take the hint and order what is listed. First of all, you have no chance of getting it wrong, especially when you include a gift receipt with the purchase and you provide your loved ones with something they told you that they need.

This doesn't mean you can't supplement this gift with something else that you want to give from the heart, like a couple of cute throw pillows that you know would look perfect on their new sofa. By prioritizing their stated needs first, you show yourself to be a considerate guest who gets what the bride and groom want. If there is no registry, then you don't need to do a lot of sleuthing to find out what else can work for them. Here are three ideas that can help you out with a gif decision pitch.

1) The Best Gift: Cash

When the bride or groom in question is picky, the best gift option is cash. Send a generous sum through a cash app or in an envelope that you can drop off at the wedding. This is a simple and well-appreciated gift that never goes out of style. In this way, this money can be used to pay for honeymoon expenses or a luxurious date for the new couple. In short, cash becomes whatever the person wants it to be, so it's something you can always feel confident about giving.

2) Adding a Practical Gift with Cash

If you feel uncomfortable with the "empty-handed" look that comes with a cash gift, you can include a token gift that you know they will use with your cash gift. Monogrammed beach towels are incredibly meaningful and useful, especially if you know that their honeymoon is going to be at a destination beach resort.

Whenever you choose an add-on to a cash gift, it's important to make sure it's universally useful and appealing to any age or gender. For example, bed sheets are a handy and yet overlooked item on wedding registries. Plus, your brides and grooms will appreciate not having to seek these necessities after the wedding.

3) Monogrammed Totes

When it comes to the busy post-married life, there's always something to carry here and there. Whether the new couple plans on starting a family or traveling for a few years, monogrammed tote bags are timeless gifts that will always be useful.

Tote bags with personalized monograms are even more special because they are made just for the bride and groom. They will feel loved every time they look at it and know that you spent the extra time to customize the tote for them.

Being married is not just about the fancy wedding but all the moments after. This tote bag will be with them for a variety of circumstances—from the routine grocery trip to a relaxing day at the beach. Everybody needs to carry extra belongings at some point, so you know that this universally useful item will be appreciated.

Tip: Make your monogram tote even more meaningful by placing a cash gift inside. Useful home goods such as monogrammed hand towels for their guest bathroom are also welcome.

When you think about what brides and grooms want, finding a gift for their happy life ahead is pretty straightforward. These gift ideas can help you when you're in a pinch so that you can find the best gift to celebrate your loved one's special day.


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