Gift ideas for friends

You know what they say about friendship – it’s the spice of life, or something like that. We don’t know what we’d do without our friends, the people who remember our birthdays and cover our desks with balloons; the folks who will take that tai chi class with us; the people who get us off the couch on winter weekends to get out and be sociable people for a change.

Don’t such people deserve a reward for their kindness? Buying gifts for friends is a little different from buying gifts for family members or partners – to a friend, things like flannel sheets might be too intimate, and a needlepoint Christmas stocking might feel kind of strange to someone outside of your family. So how do you balance the personal with the appropriate when gifting for friends? Let’s discuss.

Monogramming makes it personal

We love monogramming. It takes your gift from standard to ultra-considerate in no time. Think about your friend – what do they like? What’s missing from their life? Take that thing and throw a monogram on it! Luckily, much of what’s available at Lands’ End is monogrammable.

Do you and your friend enjoy trips to the beach? Why not get them a monogrammed beach towel? It’s a gift they’re sure to love and use. Every trip to the beach will be made a little more fun, all thanks to you.

Maybe your friend is more of the stay-at-home type. Friends always love fleece blankets! Get your friend a warm and cozy fleece blanket they can snuggle up with on their couch. What’s more, go ahead and get yourself a matching fleece blanket that you can bring over to their house for a movie night! If there’s one thing friends love, it’s twinning.

While we’re thinking of monogrammed gifts, we can’t miss the canvas tote bag. Few Lands’ End products have reached such legendary status as the tote bag. They’re sturdy, long-lasting and have enough carrying capacity to hold everything your friends could carry (up to 500 lbs.). Monograms make them even more special on top of all the personalized choices and color combinations we offer.

Throw in something special

You know your friends, and you know their taste, so maybe help them out with a little holiday flair. Throw them a throw pillow to accent a chair or sofa in their home. Whether you choose a pillow in a seasonal color or print or go with one of our hand-hooked decorative pillows, your friend will appreciate your thoughtful gift – and they’ll think of you every time they see it.

While you’re thinking of holiday flair for their home, take a look at all the Christmas decorations we offer at Lands’ End. The best decorations offer a balance between the classic and the modern, and that’s always our goal at Lands’ End. No matter what you choose to gift your friend, the most important part of that gift is that it’s from you. Your friend will always appreciate the fact that you chose something just for them

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