Gift Guide 2023 for Your Pickiest Friends and Family

Gift Guide 2023 for Your Pickiest Friends and Family

We all have at least one on our gift list — the friend or family member whom you love dearly but is picky when it comes to gifts. No worries! Lands' End has you covered. Let's look at great gifts for your pickiest friends and family.

Cozy Clothes

Everyone loves cozy clothes. Items like hoodies, sweatpants, cozy flannel robes, slippers, and warm gloves in neutral colors are likely to be enjoyed by even the pickiest family and friends. If they don't care for their gift, don't take it personally. Make sure to let them know how they can exchange it for something they like better (with an easy return policy like Lands' End's). That way, even if they don't prefer to tell you that they might exchange their gift, they can do so easily (and that's just fine). Gift-giving is about the thought, not about perfect execution.

Be sure you know their size in advance, but stick to clothing not designed to be fitted for the best results. A large hoodie is much easier to buy as a gift and have it work for them than a dressy blouse or a fitted shirt, even if you spot one that you think would be perfect for them.

Easy Experiences

Not every gift comes in a box. Consider tickets to a favorite sporting event, theater performance, or a new class they can take after the new year. Treating everyone in your crew to a holiday play or movie can be a great gift. Make it extra special by taking a selfie of the group before your leave or once you are there to capture the memory. If everyone is wearing matching Christmas sweaters, that would be fun, but it will also be fun if no one matches at all. Be yourselves and have a great time together!

Do they have a vacation coming up? Perhaps a gift card to a retailer where they can buy some new vacation clothes would be an unexpected gift for the holidays. Having some extra money that they "have" to spend on a new sundress or swimsuit could be great fun to open on a snowy holiday. Gift cards to favorite restaurants, coffee shops, and home retailers are also wonderful options.

Gifts for Their Home

Unless your friend or family member lives in the tropics, they will like (and use) a cozy fleece throw. Stick with a neutral color or one you know will work with their décor. Flannel sheets can also make a great gift. Everyone loves how soft they are at the end of the day. If you don't know their tastes, stick to solid neutral colors. Are they new homeowners or newlyweds? Something that goes with their kitchen décor, like tablecloths and napkins, or a cool new cutting board, can also be an option.

Keep gift cards in mind for this one, too. We all have favorite retailers we frequent for home purchases, whether for bedding or bath towels, furniture, or flooring. You could jump-start a cool DIY project they would love, like redecorating their family room or giving their master bedroom a winter refresh.

Consumables With Class

Specialty food, drinks, and cosmetics (like perfumes or high-end lotions) are all gifts that can be enjoyed but are unlikely to sit on a shelf or in a drawer indefinitely. These are also easy to share with others. If they are a tea or coffee lover but don't care for some of the flavors you get them, they can take them to the office, share them with a neighbor, have them handy for company who may have different tastes than they do, or even regift them to someone who would enjoy them more. If they collect any of these items (fine wines, for example), either try to match what they would specifically like or go in a different direction, like a fruit or muffin basket, to be safe.

Gifts for Pets

Even the pickiest friends and family will warm up to a fun gift for their cat or dog. You might want to keep these to "experience gifts" for their furry friend, too. New pet supplies, like treats or toys, are always fun. Be aware of any medical conditions or food allergies of their pet, but a safe dog toy or a fun cat toy with feathers will put a smile on everyone's face.

If you already know their pet and what supplies they have, feel free to get fun things like food and water bowls, dog coats, or a new leash. If their furry friend is an "only child," consider gifting them a monthly subscription that will send them fun pet items for a gift that will keep on giving year-round.

With a little thought (and by giving up the idea of perfection), you're bound to find some great gifts for even your pickiest friends and family at Lands' End. Have a warm and wonderful holiday season!


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