Gift Guide 2023 for the Person Who Has Everything

Gift Guide 2023 for the Person Who Has Everything

Shopping for the person who has everything isn’t easy. You’re overwhelmed by the possibility that you may end up purchasing something that they already have or that you can’t be sure they’ll even like. There’s no question that these are among the hardest individuals to shop for during the holiday season. At the same time, it’s nice to remember the sentiment behind the gifts you give at this time of the year.

The holiday season is all about the spirit of giving — not just tangible products that may be trendy and exciting, but items that come from the heart and are chosen with meaning and intention. When you put that kind of energy into choosing gifts for those people on your list who have everything, you’ll feel more confident that you’ve made a decision that they will truly appreciate. Here are some ideas to consider.

Put Together a Basket of Treats

You can bet that the person who has everything doesn’t have a gift basket filled with food gifts of your choosing! If the person happens to be a total foodie, you already know it’s a safe bet that they’ll appreciate a gift they can consume. Make it a gift with hand-picked treats, and they’ll feel especially grateful that you took the time to choose items specifically for them.

Begin with a gift basket or a gift box, then focus on a theme for your foods. If the person loves dessert, a sweets-themed gift is a great choice. If they love savory snacks, you won’t go wrong with items like gourmet pretzels, meat, and cheese. Cooks will appreciate ingredients they can put to good use in the kitchen, like fancy oils, jams, and chutneys. You can also find pre-arranged baskets and boxes that feature good assortments of items, with plenty of variety to satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

Surprise Them With a Getaway

Those who like to travel to far-flung destinations any time the mood strikes know what they need to feel comfortable on the road. Yet that doesn’t mean that they have absolutely everything — or that they wouldn’t appreciate something new that they could take along with them! You’ll find travel bags for men and women in a variety of styles and sizes to meet their needs.

You could also use this opportunity to plan a getaway with the person. Sometimes, giving an experience is the most effective way to give something the person doesn’t have. Think outside the box. Could you plan a trip to a nearby location they’ve always wanted to visit or book a weekend at a resort that you’ve heard is not to be missed? These are the types of gifts that a travel-happy loved one is sure to appreciate.

Give a Personalized Holiday Gift

Going the personal route is a wonderful way to make their holiday merry and bright! You can’t go wrong with something you’ve had monogrammed with their initials or their name or customized with a saying or a family name. The idea is to convey a message of extra thoughtfulness, so whether it’s personalized Christmas stockings or a personalized holiday-themed blanket, it will be wonderfully received by anyone who loves this festive time of the year.

You could make it doubly merry by including a few little extra trinkets. Fill the stocking with some of their favorite treats and a cute ornament, for example. Add an adorable Christmas throw pillow to a monogrammed blanket. Creating little gift sets like this is a nice gesture and one that you can be sure they’ll appreciate because they can use the items.

Treat Their Pet With Love

Their pet is their best friend, so anything you give to their fur baby is essentially a gift for them as well. After all, when their pet is happy, they’re happy, too. Approaching it from that perspective, you can pretty much expect to make their day bright when you surprise them with a dog bed or jacket that pampers their faithful companion to the fullest.

And there’s nothing quite like high-quality items like these, especially when they are constructed with high-quality, durable materials that are built to last. Even better, you can customize them with the pet’s name and date of birth or the date the animal arrived on your loved one’s doorstep. This makes a special and poignant gift you can trust any animal lover and pet parent will truly appreciate.


While it can be challenging to shop for some people, it’s not impossible. It just takes a little bit of extra effort! Ultimately, it helps to put a personal spin on whatever you choose to give — a feature such as customization helps to elevate any gift and make it that much more meaningful and memorable.


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