Gift Guide 2023 for Kids

Gift Guide 2023 for Kids

Shopping for kids during the holiday season is a blast. There are toys that steal the spotlight every year without fail, often climbing to the top of most lists to Santa Claus. Then there are those items that fly a little bit under the radar, offering their own fun and excitement. And then there are the items you might not even think to buy at first — but that are definitely great contenders for the holiday.

So, what to give if you’re shopping for a child? This year finds plenty of great gifts for kids that are sure to delight. Take your pick from a vast selection of clothes, games, cozy gear, food, and so much more — and prepare to hear squeals of delight and joyous laughter as they’re unwrapped on Christmas morning. Here are some fun ideas that are sure to bring happiness to the season for the littles in your life.

Fun Toys

Naturally, toys earn a place high on the list of gifts to give to children at any time of the year — but the holidays are extra special because there are so many wonderful options available. There are classics ranging from old-school train sets to vintage-inspired wooden toys that are sure to charm little ones and parents alike. Remember that you may be enlisted to help put something together, so why not make it a gift that you’ll enjoy just as much as your child?

Plush dolls will delight little ones who want something they can cuddle and call their own. Puzzles make excellent gifts, too, and they’re available for children of all ages. Stimulating toys and games are always welcome, as they help children stay occupied for hours and provide both fun and educational opportunities at the same time.

Infant Toys

For the person in your life who has a new baby (or for your own baby!), something that’s soft, cuddly, and adorable is always a good choice. You’ll find everything from adorable onesies to cute booties — but you’ll also find toys galore. Sure, the baby isn’t exactly old enough to appreciate what you give, but it’s more than appropriate to gift them something they can hold or explore. Life is all about developing and growing, after all, and what better time during these very early formative years?

Baby gifts can be just as much for parents, of course. Maybe you’ve found some lovely accents for the nursery or a cute blanket you know the parent in your life would appreciate. More practical items like storage caddies and crib sheets are also suitable gifts for parents of babies — and anything that you can do to make their lives easier will be met with open arms!

Something Personalized

Children take great pleasure in knowing that something belongs solely to them. They’ll feel a sense of responsibility to care for the item even more carefully, and they’ll feel proud to show off their name. Customizing an item with their name is a fantastic way to bring a smile to their face during the holiday season. You can have anything from their name to their date of birth added to everything from backpacks to jackets, giving you plenty of options for personalization.

Plus, personalized gifts simply show a level of thoughtfulness and care for the kids in your life. If they’re too young to appreciate the gesture, there’s no question that their parents will. Whether you’re giving a robe, a towel, or a lunch bag emblazoned with their name or initials, you can be sure that this gift will be a success.

Cozy Gear

During the coldest months of the year, there are few elements more important to their wardrobe than cold-weather accessories. You can help them command the cold comfortably with everything from gloves and hats to scarves and gaiters. They’re a must for any child who loves to play outside, whether they’re simply braving the backyard on a brisk day or have big plans to go sledding.

Of course, kids need warm gear even when there’s no snow on the ground. Kids’ winter accessories make surprisingly great gifts for kids not just because they’re practical but also because they’re downright fun. You can find styles in every color of the rainbow, making it easy for littles to express themselves through their accessories. Playful prints abound, from stripes to hearts to snowflakes. You can be sure they’ll be excited to show off these pieces all season long.

Festive Surprises

This is the best time of the year to treat your little ones to holiday-themed gifts that are sure to infuse the season with joy. Maybe they wouldn’t necessarily go crazy for bedding or other gifts for the home, but you can bet they’ll love a fun ornament that connects in some way to something they love, be it their favorite sports team or a hobby they enjoy.

You could also surprise them with a personalized Christmas stocking filled to the brim with all kinds of fun treats, from little toys they can enjoy right away to yummy candies and snacks to cozy socks. This is the season to spoil them, so why not do so with a personalized touch? Plus, the stocking is something you’ll use for years to come.


The holiday season gives you a wonderful opportunity to go all out for the child in your life. No matter what you decide to give, you can be sure they’ll be delighted to receive something that comes from your heart and is delivered with love.


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