Gift Guide 2023 for Mom

Gift Guide 2023 for Mom

Shopping for mom this holiday season or for any other special occasion like Mother’s Day or her birthday? Feeling stumped on thoughtful, unique gift ideas? You have come to the right place! In this post, we will take a look at some of the best gift ideas for mom with this comprehensive 2023 gift guide.

Gifts To Keep Her Cozy

Whether shopping during the cold, blustery holiday season or any other time of year, every mom deserves to feel luxuriously cozy during her down time. At Lands’ End, we have a wide selection of cozy loungewear items, including flannel robes, slippers, and more. These kinds of gift items can be given individually or with fun self-care items like bath products, lotion, and candles. Along with cozy items mom can wear, things like throw blankets go well with pieces like slippers and robes. You can also personalize a blanket gift with a custom monogram of your mother’s name, initials, or a special, loving message.

High End Sweaters

Sweaters are a wardrobe staple for most people and an essential for cold-weather seasons. If you are looking for gifts for mom during the fall or winter, why not splurge on her by getting a high quality cashmere sweater. Cashmere sweaters are fantastic investment pieces that your mother will be able to wear for many years. They are also a cut above many other sweater styles, thanks to the buttery smooth texture of the cashmere. Give your mom something that will keep her warm and cozy while making her feel extra luxurious during the cold months. At Lands’ End, we carry a wide selection of cashmere sweaters in a variety of styles, cuts, sizes, colors, and prints.

Home Décor Items

You would be hard-pressed to find any mom who doesn’t enjoy making her home a little more beautiful and welcoming. There are countless home décor items that can be used to instantly make any home environment a little more special. Consider your mother’s personal taste and what items might be of actual value to her. If you are shopping on a budget, something as simple as a fragrant candle or beautiful succulent may be all that is needed to make a space look and feel a little more luxurious. If your mother has a backyard she enjoys spending time in, you can shop for bigger items like patio furniture. Is your mother one to keep things organized at all times? Gorgeous, woven seagrass baskets add decorative appeal to a home while keeping a space free of clutter.


We have touched on a few tangible items you can give to mom this year, but there are many other ways to give your mother something unforgettable. And an experience is one such way to do that. Planning a mother-daughter trip to the beach or a wooden cabin? That quality time together will mean more than any tangible gift ever could. In preparation for your trip, you can also gift her with supplies like a quality pair of boots or a new bathing suit, depending on the activities of your trip. You don’t have to plan a lavish getaway with mom to make an experience memorable. Something as simple as a beautiful home cooked dinner with the whole family will do the trick. To make the dinner more special, you can decorate the dining table with gorgeous placements, centerpieces, and candles.

Something Customized

One way to make a gift more meaningful and personalized is to have it custom made! Many practical items can be made even more special with a custom message and design, from blankets to clothing and everything in between. Think of the gift you plan to get for your mother and look for options that allow for customization. If your mother is having her bathroom remodeled or looking for simple ways to give it an updated look, you can surprise her with monogrammed hand towels and bath towels. If your mother loves cozying up on the couch with an ultra soft blanket, you can have her name or initials monogrammed right onto the fabric.

Give a DIY Gift

As cliché as it might sound, any gift you give to your mother will be meaningful to her because it is given with love from her children. Giving her an experience, a customized gift, or a DIY gift will also make whatever you decide to give even more thoughtful. If you are a crafty type, why not give her something you can make with your own hands? The possibilities are endless, from woodwork to scrapbooks of the whole family to gorgeous décor pieces she can keep in her home. Looking for great gift ideas for mom for all occasions?

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