Get Cozy: How to Use Flannel Throughout Your Home

Get Cozy: How to Use Flannel Throughout Your Home

Ah, flannel! It is the coziest fabric ever made. You probably have your favorite flannel that you enjoy wearing out or lounging in but have you thought about all the ways to use flannel throughout your home? Let’s look at some ideas for the coziest of all fabrics.

What Makes Flannel So Cozy?

The softest flannel is made from cotton, a naturally soft fiber. It is then brushed on both sides, giving it that extra softness. The brushed surface is also key to its coziness as it allows the flannel to trap air and retain body heat while being naturally breathable. So, you have the best combination with cotton flannel—warmth, softness, and breathability. Although flannel is especially popular in winter, it can make a great addition to your home year-round.

Keep your flannel cozy by following the manufacturer’s instructions with respect to laundering. In general, you will want to wash your flannel in either cold or warm water (keeping the wash and rinse temperatures the same). Avoid washing flannel in hot water. If you dry your flannel in a clothes dryer, be careful not to over-dry it. This can weaken the fabric and shorten the life of your flannel. Remove it from the dryer promptly. Line drying your flannel straight from the washer or partially drying it and then line drying are also options.

Flannel for Lounging

Whether lounging means curling up by yourself with a good book, enjoying movie night at home with your sweetheart, or staying up late playing board games with the whole family, flannel is perfect for the occasion. Whether it’s pajama pants and your favorite top, or a flannel robe and slippers with a nightgown, flannel is perfect for lounging.

Wearing flannel for lounging is so comfy, it’s almost like wearing a made-to-order blanket. It’s warm, lightweight, soft, and if you’re lounging in the evening, you can go straight from lounging to bed without needing to change outfits. Flannel loungewear is as low-key as you can get.

Flannel for Sleeping

In addition to those comfiest of all PJs, the flannel pajamas, don’t forget how cozy flannel sheets can be. If you haven’t treated yourself to a new set recently, perhaps it’s time. Flannel that is 100% cotton will give you the softest layer possible under any comforters and duvet inserts or blankets you may choose. Flannel is warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and wonderfully soft year-round. Flannel is great for your own bedroom, but don’t forget the rest of the family including any houseguests who will grace your home. Everyone will appreciate the instant softness and relaxing warmth of flannel sheets at the end of the day.

Flannel for Hanging Out

Is there anything comfier than a pair of yoga pants and a flannel shirt? Doubtful. Whether you’re enjoying a quiet afternoon at home, running errands, or meeting a friend for lunch, flannel will be there for you.

The guys will appreciate men’s flannel for hanging out too. A flannel shirt with jeans is an instant outfit that will keep him comfy and stylish as well.

And don’t forget flannel for the kids or grandkids! You can’t get more versatile than flannel shirts for the little ones. They are great with everything from pajama pants to jeans to little leggings. And when they need that extra layer of warmth under a jacket or coat, flannel it is. Flannel shirts also make great gifts whether your little ones live with you or are far away. They (and their parents) are sure to appreciate the practicality of the comfiest fabric there is as an addition to their wardrobes.

Flannel for Heading Out

Flannel also makes the perfect insulation to keep you cozy when you venture out into the cold. Think flannel-lined everything from pants to jackets to mittens and hats. Because flannel’s brushed fibers capture heat while maintaining breathability, it is the perfect lining or first layer to have next to your skin.

Flannel-lined jeans are a great option for cold weather spectator sports, hiking, or tasks in the snow. A flannel-lined hoodie can take you through all kinds of weather (especially in the Midwest, where it can turn from warm to cold with little warning). Whenever you are looking for clothes that will be soft and warm against winter, think flannel.

Flannel is the perfect fabric for getting cozy and staying cozy. Its softness and warmth make it a go-to for all kinds of items for your home and wardrobe, from loungewear to sleepwear to bedsheets to activewear to streetwear. Why not bring some more flannel into your home and your life today? You’ll love the coziness!


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