Gender Neutral Outfits for Job Interviews

Gender-Neutral Outfits for Job Interviews

First impressions always matter in job interviews. That doesn’t mean you have to present yourself in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, though. If you don’t conform to gender norms in your personal life, there’s no reason to do so when dressing for job interviews. Gender-neutral clothing allows you to express yourself freely, regardless of your gender identity. As long as your outfit fits properly, looks polished, and appears professional, you can consider yourself appropriately dressed. We’ve put together a list of professional outfit ideas that everyone can feel confident in.

Reach for Success in a Suit

A traditional men’s suit is one of the most classic outfits to wear to an interview, regardless of your gender identity. Pair a well-fitting suit jacket with any matching suit pants to create an outfit that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

Flared leg pants look great on everyone and can help to create balance to better flatter the figure. Depending on what type of company you’re interviewing, you might even be able to get away with just a suit jacket and jeans. Suit jackets can also be worn with skirts and dresses for a formal look.

Boss Up in a Blazer

If the idea of wearing a full suit is stifling, you can bring the same vibe to your outfit with a men’s blazer. While similar to a suit jacket in style, a blazer is meant to be worn as an individual piece. This allows you more freedom when choosing a fabric, color, or pattern.

Modern blazers feature unique design details, like flowing lapels and vibrant, eye-catching prints. There are, of course, more traditional silhouettes available too. No matter which style you pick, a blazer will smarten up any outfit for a polished look. Wear it with any professional-looking pants or skirt, and a blouse, shirt, or sleeveless top.

Stay Sharp in a Button-Down

Men's button-down shirts are another great gender-neutral choice that can be dressed up or down. Create a formal outfit by pairing a long-sleeve button-down with slacks and accessorize with a tie, bowtie, or neck scarf.

If you get hot easily, swap in a short-sleeve button-down to stay cool and comfortable. For a more smart-casual look, you can wear a button-down with dark wash jeans. In the summer months, create a similar look by wearing a button-down over a smart tank top or t-shirt.

Go for the Win in Wide-Legs

When it comes to dress pants, a pair of high-waisted wide legs are always a reliable choice. Not only do these pants look flattering on everyone, the loose fit provides the comfort you need to stay calm. Wide-leg pants can be worn with a variety of tops. They look especially good when belted over a tucked-in shirt. Wear yours with a sleeveless polo neck top or a short-sleeve blouse. Wide leg pants can also be paired with a tailored vest for another interview-ready look.

Don’t Shy Away From Accessories

Your outfit should be polished and professional, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave the accessories at home. Some, in fact, may help to elevate your look. Take a stylish laptop backpack, for example. It allows you to carry important documents, like your resume or ID, safely and securely. It also adds a touch of professional polish to any interview outfit.

When adding the final touches to your look, be mindful of accessories that may detract from the interview. Wearing an armful of bangles may look stylish, for example, but the clink of them bumping together can be distracting. If you wear makeup or cologne, apply lightly to avoid overwhelm. Be sure to also remove any sunglasses, unisex hats, or headphones you wore on the way.

Polish Your Look With Professional Shoes

Finish off your outfit with a pair of comfortable shoes that look great and fit well. Whether you prefer the fit of men’s or women’s shoes, there are plenty of gender-neutral options that go with interview attire.

A pair of boots, loafers, or Oxfords are some examples of professional footwear. Depending on the company and your outfit, you can also get away with a pair of sleek sneakers. When it comes to colors, stick to neutrals like black, navy, and grey. If you go for white, be sure your shoes are spotless to avoid looking shabby.

The most important thing when picking out an interview outfit, of course, is that you choose something you feel your best self in. If you feel comfortable, you’ll be more confident, and this is key to your success. It can be helpful to do some research on the company beforehand to help you pick out what you want to wear.

You may be able to see photos of the employees, for example, and gauge from there what's most appropriate. Need to do some shopping? Lands' End has a wide range of professional clothing and accessories to help you look and feel your best.


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