4 Fun Pajama Pants Patterns to Wear Around the House

4 Fun Pajama Pants Patterns to Wear Around the House

Any excuse is a great excuse to break out your favorite pair of pajama pants. Maybe you’re binge-watching your latest favorite. Maybe you’re spending the weekend holed up inside with your fur babies. Maybe you’re loving every minute of work-from-home life and want to wear garments you would never get to wear to the actual office.

Whatever the reason, you have options galore when it comes to choosing pajamas that are as cute as they are comfortable. The beauty of the ubiquitous nighttime pant is that it offers the best of all worlds. It’s effortless, flexible, and easy to pair with anything from a T-shirt to a matching pajama top. You can even wear them during your video conferences and no one will ever be the wiser. So why not have some fun with your look? Here are a few fun patterns to add to your collection as you make the most of your pajamas.

Printed Wide-Leg Pajamas

You never really thought pajamas could be fashionable, did you? That’s because … well, inherently, they really aren’t. But new iterations of the wardrobe staple demonstrate how it has undergone quite a makeover in recent years. Suddenly the once reliable piece is more the kind of thing you could conceivably wear to greet company that drops by unexpectedly. A pair of wide-leg pajama pants are relaxed and incredibly flattering. They look great with a matching women's cotton pajamas when you’re just hanging on the couch or curled up in bed.

But it pulls double duty, so you can just as easily match a patterned pair with a fitted T-shirt and a cropped cardigan if you want to step outside to grab the mail or anticipate that someone might stop by your house for a few minutes. There’s nothing conventional about wide-leg pajamas; they exhibit a nonchalantly chic vibe, and some are downright fashionable. A leopard print is fierce. A floral is subtly sweet. A checked pattern calls to mind the PJs your dad wore when you were a kid. They’re destined to keep you totally comfortable and stylish no matter what the day brings.

Classic Fair Isle Patterns

Fair Isle is an old-world technique used in knitting to develop eye-catching patterns that incorporate a series of colors. The pattern exudes a particularly festive vibe during the holiday season, especially with colors like red, green, and white worked into the mix. If you want to get into the spirit of the season, there’s no better way than in a pair of women’s pajamas bearing a bright and cheery Fair Isle print.

Some include matching tops, making it easier than ever to get ready for a day of lounging at home, cooking holiday favorites with the family, cozying up for movie or game night, or just curling up on the couch with a good book. Whatever’s on your agenda, you’ll love the way that your Fair Isle print brightens your spirits at a glance.

Traditional Plaid Prints

Few prints are as classic and beloved as the ever-reliable plaid. You’ll find checked pajamas in a wide variety of colors. Maybe you’re all about tradition and love the look of an old-fashioned red check that’s just perfect for wearing throughout the holiday season. Maybe you prefer a mixed plaid that incorporates multiple prints on one pair — talk about creative. Or maybe you favor a neutral tone that you can easily pair with your favorite comfy sweatshirt while working or puttering around the house.

Plaid prints are simply timeless, and there’s very little risk that you’ll ever grow tired of wearing something with such old-world appeal. There’s something homey, cozy, and inviting about the print, and it allows you a chance to wear multiple colors at once without even thinking about clashing. Plus, with so many varieties available, you can fill your wardrobe with different styles and enjoy something bright and fresh every day of the week.

Festive Holiday Patterns

Never underestimate the appeal of a great pair of Christmas pajamas. If ever anything was designed to get you into the spirit of the season, it’s these cozy bottoms. You can even select matching pajamas for the entire family to wear during the season — and to take those annual family photographs in, of course.

Patterns range from patchwork plaids to candy stripes to snowflakes to puppies adorned with Santa caps. Whether you prefer to make an understated statement during the holiday season or can’t get enough of all things cheerful and bright, you have so many options. Don’t forget the matching pajama top, especially if you and the family are planning to wear the same outfits!

With so many options available, it’s easy to find pajama pants to wear while you relax, work, cook, or hang with your loved ones at home. What better excuse to experiment with different styles, play with fun looks, and expand your loungewear collection?


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