Fun Outdoor Family Activities for Fall

Fun Outdoor Family Activities for Fall

Fall is a favorite season for many people for a variety of reasons. For one, the cooler weather can be a welcome relief from the summer heat, making it great for getting outside and enjoying nature. Also, the changing colors of the leaves make everything stunningly beautiful and picturesque. There’s no way to enjoy fall without getting outdoors, however. And knowing that temperatures are about to plummet in the coming months, it’s important to get the whole family outside and enjoy it while it lasts. Wondering what to do with your family, though? Don’t worry. Keeping these fun outdoor family activities in mind will help you all enjoy the best that fall has to offer.

Take a Road Trip to a New Hiking Destination

Whether it’s the leaves crunching under your feet, the gorgeous colors of those that are still on trees, or the crisp fall air kissing your cheeks, is there a better season for a family hike than fall? A sunny day in fall is even more preferable to a sunny day in summer, as the cool breeze keeps you from overheating, and the sun is still close enough to keep you warm. Packing a special picnic with your family’s favorite treats and some games for the car ride can make the experience even better. Just make sure you have a first-aid kit, some comfortable shoes, and a waterproof jacket for everyone if a brief rain shower surprises you. And make sure they carry their hiking essentials in their own backpack, so you aren’t stuck with carrying everything yourself.

Have Fun While Doing Yardwork

Yardwork is no fun if you have to do it all by yourself. And if you have trees in your yard, the chore of raking leaves can seem neverending. A few extra hands—and rakes—can make all the difference. It might take some bribery, but getting the whole family outside to rake leaves is more fun than it may initially seem. Just don’t forget to let the kids jump in the leaves afterward.

Go Horseback Riding

Horseback riding can be a great family activity any time of year. But fall is arguably the best time to explore the trails, as you can enjoy the changing fall colors without pesky mosquitos or excessive heat. If you have any horse stables near you, make a reservation, gather up the family, and make a day of it. Just be sure to wear some comfortable, sturdy jeans or jeggings. Stretchability and comfort will help you get on and off the horse easily without worrying about your jeans ripping.

Go to a Pumpkin Farm

Today’s pumpkin farms are better than the pumpkin farms of the past. They’ve perfected the art of all things fall by including corn mazes, fall treats to eat, and even little petting zoos where kids can hold kittens and feed resident farm animals. Especially if you have little kids, no fall is complete without a visit to the pumpkin farm. Just don’t forget to pick a pumpkin! And if it’s a nice day outside, why not keep the fun going by carving them together right away when you get home. Carving pumpkins outdoors makes for much easier cleanup, after all.

Make Some S’mores by the Fire

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make the best family memories. For example, on a random school night, why not surprise the kids with a bonfire and all the fixings for s’mores for dessert (providing they’ve already done their homework). They can even sit outside in their pajamas for added fun. Just make sure to have a few throw blankets handy if the fire isn’t warm enough.

Have a Halloween Party in Your Backyard

By the time Halloween comes in many parts of the country, it’s typically a sign that fall is almost over, so why not say your goodbyes with a party? And what better theme for a fall party than a Halloween party! Kids and adults alike love Halloween. And throwing an outdoor Halloween party can be as easy as hosting a BBQ and asking guests to bring a dish to pass. Of course, some decorations and games will help, but you can plan your party around your guests. For example, if older kids and families attend, some scary stories around the bonfire are ideal. For younger kids, a costume contest and bobbing for apples are fun Halloween party activities.

Support Your Local High School Football Team

Homecoming games are big events for high school kids, but they can be lots of fun for the whole family. Especially in comparison to a professional sporting event, a high school football game is affordable and accessible. Plus, it gives you a chance to reminisce about your high school days. All you need is some warm adult and kids’ hoodies (preferably personalized with the local team name on them) and some spare change for popcorn and hot cocoa. Touchdown!

If you’re looking for outdoor fall family activities, these ideas should set the groundwork for lots of cherished memories together.


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