4 Fun Guys Trips Every Man Should Check Off His Bucket List

4 Fun Guys Trips Every Man Should Check Off His Bucket List

Grab your bros, load up your backpacks, and hit the road—it’s time for a guys trip! The importance of this kind of vacation cannot be understated. While we tend to make time for family vacations and lovers' getaways, it’s not always easy to find time to schedule a real adventure with your best guy friends.

But as men get older, it’s crucial to stay close with your friends. Family, lifestyles, and geography can easily get in the way of important bonding time, but making a guys trip a priority will help you maintain your relationships with the men who know you best.

It’s also important to take a break from your normal routine, getting away with friends and pressing the “refresh” button. Here are 4 fun guy trips every man should check off his bucket list.

The Road Trip

Taking to the open road is a wonderful way to renew the bonds of friendship between you and your best bros. Navigating directions, gas, food, and lodging is a fun and sometimes challenging way to get closer with your friends. Road trips are great for friends because there’s so much to see together—the changing landscapes, strangers you meet along the way, and the amazing (or not so amazing) roadside restaurants you try out.

For the long stretches of highway without any rest stops, make sure you bring plenty of jerky, trail mix, and fruit in an insulated lunchbox or travel bag. Make sure you aim to switch off the driving duty among youz_the others can be navigator, DJ, and game host in the meantime.

Since you’ll likely be traveling between different climates if this is a longer trip, also be sure to bring varying degrees of outerwear and light clothing, from shorts and a simple V-neck sweater to a heavier jacket if the temperature really drops!

The National Park Adventure

From coast to coast and North to South, America is filled with incredible natural parks that vary in so many ways, there’s something for everyone out there. Experiencing the natural beauty and physical challenges of the great outdoors is a great way to bond with your guy friends. Explore the gorgeous mountain tops of Acadia National Park in Maine, or the incredible red rocks and spirituality of Sedona, Arizona. Perhaps you choose a super adventurous white water rafting trip in the Grand Canyon to really step up your survivalist game.

Make sure you bring your rashguard to protect from the blazing sun. Whether you’re trying to simply observe the scenery or really get into things, there are so many different ways to experience the National Parks. Plenty of groups choose to camp in the parks themselves, opening themselves up to the full range of what a park can offer.

Others might decide to rent a motel room or Airbnb nearby for some added comfort and the ability to cook with gas and enjoy electricity and other comforts. Whatever you choose, this is bound to be an incredible trip to share with your bros.

The Bike Tour

For those who like to travel on two wheels, a bike trip is an incredible way to see the country while testing your endurance and getting some great exercise. A bike tour can vary in length, of course. Some might choose to do a simple day trip, which doesn’t require nearly the amount of planning and strategic packing that a longer tour does.

A weekend tour is a good middle ground for the adventurous newbie who wants to get in the saddle. Research how much you should plan to cycle each day based on your experience level and physical fitness. Some people like to bike to challenge themselves, while others find it to simply be a great way to see the world. Perhaps you and your friends are somewhere in the middle. We recommend investing in saddlebags, a good helmet, and some sturdy biking clothes. Bring some athletic shorts for your easy or rest days.

The Fishing Trip

Perhaps the most classic “guys trip,” the fishing trip is a wonderful way to get away from it all and connect with your friends and with nature. Fishing can be both relaxing and physically challenging and is a great social activity for friends. Setting up your fishing spot, campsite, and potentially getting out on the body of water you’re fishing in can be a lot of work, but waiting for the fish to bite allows for plenty of time to connect with your bros. Make sure you do your research and pick a good spot, bring the right gear, and a handful of games for when activity is slow.

These are just a few ideas for excellent guys trips to take with your friends. Check out the links below for more tips and tricks from Lands’ End!


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