Fun DIY Games for Baby Showers

Fun DIY Games for Baby Showers

Don’t we love our babies? Baby showers are a great way to celebrate the beauty of new life. They usually consist of adorable decorations, yummy treats, and baby gifts. Also, baby showers feature baby games to add some excitement to the event. We’ve searched the internet for the best DIY baby shower games to share with you. For games with one or multiple winners, make sure to have nice gifts to hand out as prizes.

Blindfolded Diaper Station

How well do you know how to change a diaper? Or, how well do you know how to change a diaper while blindfolded? In this game, guests attempt to change a diaper without seeing a thing. Follow these steps for a fun game:

Make sure you have an infant-sized doll.

Blindfold each participant and have them attempt to change the doll.

Have a timer ready; the guest who changes the diaper in the least amount of time wins the game.

Baby Photo Matching Game

How much do we still look like our baby selves? Find a baby photo and compare yourself to see. We change so much through the years but still maintain some physical attributes. In this game, guests will attempt to match baby photos with their counterpart adult photos.

Have each guest send you a baby photo and a recent picture.

Create cards featuring the photos—enough for all the guests.

Pass out the cards to each guest and provide time for them to attempt to match the photos. You’ll, of course, know all the answers!

After the time is up, reveal the answers, and the guests who guess all the answers correctly can win a Lands' End gift card or whatever fun prizes you decide to offer. Of course, if no one guesses everything correctly, the guest(s) with the most correct answers wins.


All your guests might not know one another. This game provides a chance for them to get to know one another. You’ll have to be DIY-savvy and come up with your own BINGO handouts.

Easily design BINGO handouts using your computer or paper and art supplies.

Think of silly baby-related questions that many people might be able to answer, “me,” to, such as, “Find someone who has at least ten baby photos on their phone.”

These questions should also allow guests to share more information with one another—getting to know each other along the way.

Don’t Drop the Baby!

Don’t worry—your guests will be playing with eggs, not actual babies, in this game. They’ll race to see who can make it to the finish line without dropping their egg.

Have eggs ready for your guests. Then, have your guests decorate their eggs to look like babies. You’ll need paint, markers, and other supplies available for them.

Then, organize the race, preferably outside, to give your guests enough room to run. You wouldn’t want to drop eggs on your quality fleece throws or rugs!

Have guests carry their eggs on wooden spoons.

If playing inside, consider using hardboiled eggs to avoid messy spills.

Play-Dough Babies

Would you know how to create a baby from clay without a model to look at? In this game, your guests will create model babies without looking at a reference. Then, they’ll vote on the cutest clay baby.

Have plenty of Play-Dough available for your guests. They can use any tools you have available to help design their models.

Set a timer, and after the time is up, you and your guests will vote on their favorite model.

Name That Nursery Rhyme

Nursery rhymes are commonly associated with babies and young children. Test your guests’ knowledge of nursery rhymes in this game.

Have plenty of poems and songs ready to play for your guests.

Then, play a little bit of each poem or song.

Have guests try to guess. This game doesn’t have to be a competition—just loads of fun.

Baby Charades

Most of us are familiar with the game of Charades—where people act out words and phrases. In this game, everyone has a chance to act out baby-related words and phrases, such as breastfeeding.

Divide your guests into two teams.

Each team will take turns picking from plenty of baby-related words and phrases.

Then, each team will take turns acting out whatever they select. Whichever team guesses the most correct answers wins the game.

Baby showers can be loads of fun. Some might have a casual dress code, where jeans and a T-shirt are good enough, while at others, you might want to wear a chic dress. Think about ways to add pizazz to your baby shower, and of course, don’t forget to play one or all of our baby shower games.


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