5 Fun Beach Activities for the Kids This Summer

5 Fun Beach Activities for the Kids This Summer

Wondering how to keep kids busy at the beach this summer? With a little imagination, you can find an array of fun activities. The sea shore offers so many engaging and educational activities, from exploring the surroundings to participating in exciting games. Keep reading to find out our five favorite beach activities that your kids will surely enjoy.

Search for Shells

Depending on where you are, there may be many types of shells to find. Kids can make a game out of finding certain shells, or they can simply collect their favorites. There are pocket-sized guide books perfect for identifying shells at the beach, so you don’t have to pull out your smartphone.

What to Wear: When hunting for shells, it’s a good idea for you and your child to wear water shoes for foot protection. This type of footwear comes in sizes to fit the whole family and is also great for wearing in beach locker rooms or any other wet environment. Sun hats and beach cover-ups are also a wise choice, although you’ll still want to apply sunscreen all over to protect against UV rays.

Build a Sandcastle

Kids can get creative with nothing more than a bucket and shovel. Sandcastle-building is a classic beach activity that kids and adults can enjoy. To provide kids with even more creative possibilities, give them various types of sand molds so they can easily make different shapes. You can even turn your child’s sandcastle project into one of your own by capturing photos of their work to print and frame later.

What to Wear: Any kids’ swimsuits are fine for sandcastle construction. There are boys’ swim trunks and girls’ swimsuits in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can find the right one for your child. Plus, there are just as many styles for you—including tugless one-piece bathing suits and versatile tankinis. To ensure excellent durability and color retention, opt for a chlorine-resistant swimsuit.

Beach Volleyball

Many beaches have one or more volleyball nets for visitors to use. If your beach is equipped with one, grab the kids and have a casual volleyball game or simply practice serving the ball back and forth. For beaches with no net, you can bring a portable one or use a beach ball to improvise a game with no net required.

What to Wear: There are plenty of athletic kids’ swimsuits from which to choose. Swim tees are a good option for beach sports, and they come in short-sleeve and long-sleeve styles to suit your preferred level of coverage. Board shorts allow for plenty of mobility, and they’re fast drying. There are also other styles of swim shorts in different lengths for the whole family.

Surfing Lessons

Older kids may want to brave the waves. Luckily, many beaches have surfing lessons held by professional instructors for kids of all ages and stages. While the kids are learning the basics of surfing, you can lounge on a beach towel and read the latest bestseller or practice your videography skills by filming your child in class.

What to Wear: The same type of beach apparel that kids can wear for volleyball should also work for surfing. Swim leggings and high-neck tankini tops or swim tees are one outfit idea for surf lessons. If you’re planning to cheer from the sidelines instead of joining the class, the fashion possibilities are virtually limitless. You could wear anything from a classic scoop-neck one-piece to a vibrant tropical-print tankini swimsuit with a Grecian neckline.

Watercolor Painting

The beach is a great place for kids to brush up on their watercolor skills. There are beach-friendly painting sets made for portability, and kids can even use the sand around them to create various watercolor effects.

What to Wear: Sun-protection swimwear is a must for painting sessions. Layer on a rash guard hoodie, which protects your child’s head from the sun while they paint but won’t cause overheating. The light, breathable fabric of rash guards allows for plenty of airflow while delivering UPF 50.

More Tips for a Family Beach Day

These are just five of the ways kids can stay busy at the beach. There are plenty of other things to do, from family fishing and whale-watching to beach bowling. Keep your crew comfortable by choosing swimsuits for them in the right fabrics, such as nylon with a hint of spandex. Nylon is a popular swimwear fabric because it dries quickly and retains its shape through plenty of wear. When it comes to spandex, look for Lycra® XtraLife™ for 10 times the wear of regular spandex.

Before you head to the shore, fill your family’s beach bags with all the essentials. Beach towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, and non-perishable snacks are good beach-day picks to pack. A cooler can be filled with ice and healthy drinks or with any foods that need to be kept cold. You may also want to bring a shade umbrella for extra sun protection. With a little planning, the whole family can have fun at the beach.


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