Ways to Freshen Up Your Space This Spring

Ways to Freshen Up Your Space this Spring

When it comes to revitalizing your home, you’d be surprised at how much of a difference little changes can make — like adding a few new throw blankets or throw pillows to your living room, or getting a new shower curtain in the bathroom.

When spring rolls around, it's even more tempting to overhaul your home, doing away with anything that feels unnecessary and bringing in some fresh new energy. But before you consider that renovation, stop and reflect. There are actually so many ways to renew your home for spring, and they don’t involve breaking through any walls. In fact, nearly all of these methods involve working with what you already have, and simply bringing some new life to your possessions. Here are some of our favorite ways to freshen up your space this spring.

Change the Feng Shui

The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui is about tapping into natural energy sources to align individuals within their environments, specifically within their living spaces, and it often involves arranging furniture in a certain way. For example, in Feng Shui, your bed, desk, and oven should generally be facing the door to a room. And while there is plenty to learn about the art, you can also simply be inspired to rearrange some furniture in a given room to freshen up the atmosphere.

Rearranging the placement of major pieces of furniture in a space can work wonders to make your home feel new. Perhaps you’d like to move your bed to the opposite wall or try placing your desk in a new position. Maybe a chair from the living room would do better in the office. There are countless possibilities, and remember, you can always move things back if you don’t like the new arrangement. Give it a few days, however, before you move things back, so you can really experience how things feel in the new arrangement.

Perk Up Your Plants

Having plants in your home is a known mood booster. Not only do they bring a little (actual) life into your living space, they increase the moisture and oxygen in the air, contributing to your own health! And while you need plants, plants need you even more. They rely on you to water them, place them somewhere with adequate sunlight, and monitor their overall health so they don’t wither and die. Winter can be harsh on plants, and many may either need a refresh or sadly, may need to be composted as the season ends.

Come spring, there are many ways to perk up your plant game and make your home a haven for all things green. For your plants that made it through winter better than ever, try taking a cutting from the end of a healthy leaf, letting it sit in a cup of water, and propagating it into a new or existing plant once it grows roots! This is a great way of upcycling from what you already have, and proving that plants are truly the gift that keeps on giving. For the plants that are still kicking but may need some love, try repotting them into a bigger pot to give them more room to thrive, and make sure you’re properly pruning them to get rid of any dead leaves, making room for the healthy ones. For plants that are sadly departed, you can either use the cuttings from your healthy plant to re-propagate a new plant in the pot or purchase a new plant to start fresh!

Hang Some Art

If there are paintings, posters, or photos you have yet to hang in your home, now’s the time. Perhaps you haven’t had the time or energy to get something framed. Maybe it’s framed, but you haven’t found the proper spot for it yet. Maybe you can’t find your toolset. Whatever the reason is, there’s a way to fix it and get things up on your walls. Seeing the things you love whenever you’re in a room will give your home a much-needed refresh, bringing new life and energy to whatever wall you choose to hang the frames in. Or maybe something you hung in one room would go better in another. Assess the décor in each room, from the bed sheets to the upholstery, and determine what might bring out the colors and spirit of each room the best.

Candle Curation

Investing in some quality candles is an easy and effective way to refresh your space. Walking into a room and smelling something that brings you joy can immediately make you feel at home, and add some much-needed energy to your home. Whether you choose a gorgeous nature-inspired candle, or a room spray to refresh everything from hand towels to sheets, curating the scent profile of your home is an invaluable tool when it comes to refreshing your home for spring.

There are so many ways to refresh your home for spring that are cost-effective and super energizing. Check out the links below for more tips and tricks from Lands’ End!


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