Free Summer Activities for Kids

Free Summer Activities for Kids

You rush to get your kids ready for school and schedule during the school year, so summer break offers a lot-need break. It challenges keeping your kids entertained. Day at water parks, classes, and group activities are great, but they can cost pricey. Countless free summer activities won’t break the bank.

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Parks & Playgrounds

Summers should be spent outside, exploring and having fun, making parks and playgrounds a part of the season. They’re free, and it gives you all the opportunity to go out and meet new people. With so many ways to have fun at a park, it’s easy to spend a day there. Pack a canvas tote bag with snacks, drinks, and blankets to spread out and relax. Don’t forget to bring some sports equipment like a soccer ball or basketball for added fun.

Family Hikes

Take a day to go on an exciting family hike. This is a fun activity for everyone and helps your kids disconnect from their phones, game systems, and TVs. They’ll get to explore the great outdoors, and you’ll all get some refreshing exercise. Choose comfortable, protective clothes that are easy to move in, like kid’s leggings or jeans, and pack plenty of food in lunchboxes for a day of fun.

Go Swimming

Grab your kids’ swimsuits, towels, and sunscreen for a day of swimming. Even though public pools usually require you to purchase admission, many offer free days. Call around and check your local pool or recreation center to see if they have any free days. You can also visit a beach or lake in your area.

Free Museum Visits

Most museums offer free days too, usually once a month. Contact the museums in your city, or visit their websites, to find out when they’re offering free admission.

Fly Kites

A breezy summer day is ideal for flying kites, and it’s an activity your kids will love. There’s just something about watching a kite climb the sky, and there are a few ways to make it even more fun. Your entire family can have a kite race, or you can make it a play date with some of their friends.

Have a Family Sports Day

A little competition is always entertaining, which is why you should have a family sports day. It’s totally free and a lot of fun. Play games like softball and kickball, or have one-legged races and long jump contests. For a day of action and exercise, it’s best to wear breathable clothes that aren’t restricting, like women’s athletic shorts and tank tops.

Camping Trips

A few nights spent in nature is a wonderful way for kids to have fun for free. Bring your kid’s backpacks to have a few changes of clothes and toys. You can also prepare by bringing plenty of food, sleeping bags, fleece blankets, and camping supplies. While camping, go on hikes, make campfires, and play card games to bond and stay entertained.

Free Outdoor Movies

Check out your area to see if any free outdoor movie showtimes are happening. Many cities and towns regularly show free family movies in parks during the summer. All you need to bring are fold-out chairs, blankets, and snacks so you can enjoy the film as a family.

Enjoy Free Summer Events

Some cities and businesses will throw free summer concerts that you can enjoy with your kids. There are also free live theater shows. Search around to see if anything is going on in your area through event calendars, Facebook groups, and Meetups.

Volunteer Together

For a rewarding, fun, and free activity, do volunteer work together. Whether you help out with a community garden or clean up trash in natural landscapes, volunteering is a great way to spend a few hours. Plus, it’s something you can do throughout the summer to pick a few different ways to help.

Stop by the Library

Visit your local library for free fun and learning. Relaxing with a good book is a great way for kids to learn and exercise their imagination. Try picking a few books to read together for smaller children. For older kids and teens, try having a family book club. Choose a new book every couple of weeks to read and discuss.

Cook or Bake Together

Spending time together at home is just as important and fun as going out and doing activities. Try cooking a meal or baking a tasty treat as a family for days like this. You can make your own pizza from scratch, cook a big breakfast together, or bake and decorate cupcakes. These are all easy to make, and your kids will love helping in the kitchen. With free summer activities like these, your kids will have something fun and exciting to do every day of the season.


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