4 Ways to Wear a Plain White Tee to Work

4 Ways to Wear a Plain White Tee to Work

With the exception of a job that requires you to wear a uniform or has a more formal dress code, there are plenty of ways to incorporate the white tee into a work-appropriate outfit that is equally trendy, polished, and comfortable. Here, we will introduce you to a handful of work attire outfits that include a plain white t-shirt seamlessly.

Tucked Into a Midi Skirt

By tucking a white tee into a midi skirt, you can create a look that is both stylish and professional. You can also stick with something more conventional like a black or gray midi skirt or something lighter, brighter, and more playful like a colorful print midi skirt. And with a simple white tee and midi skirt combo, you can make the look your own and personalize it with an endless variety of accessories. Ballet flats, sandals, and ankle boots all go well with a white tee and midi skirt, depending on the season and weather. If you’re aiming for a minimalist look, keep the number of accessories to a minimum. Focus on shoes, a purse or tote, and a few jewelry pieces. If you want to really dress up the outfit and make a statement, go big and bold with the jewelry—think statement necklaces, big bangles, and colorful earrings.

Tucked Into a Pair of Neutral-Colored Trousers

Trousers are the way to go, especially if you work in an office. While some people love the look of straight-leg pants and jeans, others may opt for trousers because of their comfortable, loose style. For a laid back yet undeniably chic look, tuck a loose white tee into a pair of beige trousers. Two other classic pant colors you can’t go wrong with include black and gray. The contrast of white and black makes for a very sharp, eye-catching outfit, whereas a white tee with gray trousers works for a professional yet relaxed look.

Styled With a Pair of Denim Jeans

Whether the opportunities you have to wear women’s jeans to work are reserved for casual Fridays or you work in a setting that encourages denim wear, take advantage of the chance to debut the white tee and denim jeans look. With the right accessories, there are many ways to have fun with this combination and really dress it up. For example, you can add more flair to a white tee and blue denim look by styling the outfit with cute earrings or other fun jewelry pieces and a pair of colorful heels.

Although denim is usually the go-to choice for the white tee and jeans combo, black skinny jeans also look fabulous with a white tee, as well as denim capri pants for the warmer months. It all depends on how much of a fashion statement you want to make.

Paired with a Blazer

Another way to make a white tee acceptable for workplace attire is to pair it with a sharp blazer. It’s a tried-and-true style, but it never gets old. You can go beyond more traditional blazers in conventional colors like black or dark blue and explore blazers in a wide range of colors. Shop around for one with various solid colors or fun prints. When you choose to go with a sharp, bold blazer and wear it over a plain white tee, both articles of clothing have a way of accentuating one another. Finish the look with a pair of straight-leg black pants or a jean style of your choice, depending on how casual you want the outfit to be. Both wide-leg flare and skinny jeans work very well with a tucked-in white tee and blazer. Finally, regarding shoes, you could stick with a pair of pointed-toe heels, loafers, or ankle boots with a slight heel.

We’ve introduced only a few great ways to incorporate a plain white tee into your workplace attire. Get creative with the options outlined above or explore other ways to wear a white tee. Dress it up with a flannel shirt or an open cardigan. Think about your own personal style and ways you can make the most out of the plain white tees in your wardrobe.


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