4 Ways to Ring in the New Year in Style

4 Ways to Ring in the New Year in Style

The year is winding down, meaning it’s time to start planning for the last big event of the year—New Year’s Eve. Whether you’re having a small party at home with the people already living in your house or throwing an epic virtual party, the right planning will let you ring in the New Year in style. First, decide on whether you’ll be celebrating with your family or throwing a virtual party. Next, decorate! Then, pick out a stylish outfit or cute comfy clothes. Finally, buy or create tasty treats and drinks, and pick out fun tunes to play while waiting for the ball to drop.

Plan for a Small Gathering at Home or a Virtual Party

Before writing down your list for decorations, outfits, food, and drinks, decide on the type of party you’ll have. You can have a small gathering at home with your family or whomever you’re living with or throw an amazing virtual party and invite distant family and friends. If you have a small gathering at home, it's best to make sure everyone has tested negative for COVID and is still wearing a mask and social distancing.

If you decide to throw a virtual party, first pick the best video hosting platform, such as Zoom, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts, for ease of use for everyone. Then, send an e-invite. Glam up the e-invite with festive decorations and send it via email or text. Or, for something more exciting, send a video invitation. Make sure to tell attendees the theme or dress code ahead of time.


Whether you decide to have a theme for the party or not, deck out your home for a stunning backdrop. The Christmas decorations will probably still be up, but there are a few additional decorations you can add that are more worthy of a New Year’s party.

Choose a color scheme. Classic choices include silver and gold but go your own way. Hang colorful confetti balloons. Mix in “2021” shaped balloons with other fun shapes and sizes. Purchase tinsel, signs, lights, and glitter garland to place around the house. Remember to go all out this year! You’ve earned it. Set the table for a tasty meal, treats, and drinks. Purchase napkins, a table runner, coasters, and candlesticks that match with your décor. And bring out your best dinnerware.

As for stylish accessories and noisemakers, pick our glittery tiaras, glasses, and other head accessories with “2021” for everyone in the crew to wear. Buy some party horns and confetti cannons for when the ball drops. Finally, hang a shiny disco ball for dancing the night away. You’ll want to pop out your camera and take a video of everyone’s cool dance moves.

Don Your Best Dress

You’ve been spending so much time at home and haven’t had too many reasons this year to dress your best. Your New Year’s party is the perfect excuse to dress up. Pick the style that works for you. Glammed-up knit dresses keep you comfy, and fit and flare dresses made of velvet are festive options. Or for an elevated approach, don a shimmery midi or maxi dress, and complement it with matching jewelry.

Another option is wearing a dressy crepe or silk blouse with pants or a skirt and leggings. Pants and leggings are an alternative, and somewhat more comfortable, option than a dress. As for the skirt, pick out the fit and length that works best for you: mini, midi, or maxi. Mix and match with charming accessories, like a leather belt.

Outfit your little ones in comfortable dressy apparel they won’t pull and tug at the entire night. For your boys, choose a lightweight dress shirt paired with stylish dress pants. And for your girls, style them in a chic solid or patterned dress or a cute blouse with a matching skirt and leggings or adorable pants.

If you prefer to stick to casual clothing, make it a fun event! Perhaps have everyone wear matching family pajamas. Pick out a pattern they'll all love, like traditional plaid or something festive. Or go for solid. Choose a fabric type for the utmost comfort: ringspun cotton, flannel, super-soft fleece, and French terry are all comfy options. Mix and match with different pajama types and silhouettes. And let everyone slide into super-soft matching slippers for a cozy way to ring in the New Year.

Wine, Dine & Dance the Night Away

What’s a party without food, drinks, and dancing? If you’re going to cook a nice meal on New Year’s Eve for the family to enjoy, you’ll want to set the table for a beautiful way to break bread together. You’ll need a decorative table runner, placemats, and napkins. Whatever’s on the menu, be sure to snap a few photos to share with far-away loved ones.

Purchase everyone’s favorite snacks to nibble on throughout the evening while bundled in fleece blankets. If you haven’t eaten all the Christmas candy yet, place a bowl with sweet treats for everyone to devour. Finally, complete the party with drinks. Wine, champagne punch, non-alcoholic drinks for the kiddos—you have plenty of options for a memorable time.

Now, for entertainment. Make an upbeat playlist to play throughout the party. Also, come up with a few entertaining games to play too, like trivia games, card games, and video games. Finally, converse with your loved ones. Ask everyone to share the best thing about the year and what they’re hoping to achieve during the year to come.

You deserve a banging end to your year! So, make it memorable, entertaining, and stylish by planning a party at home or virtually with your loved ones and friends.

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