The Four Best Comfy Swim Coverups

The Four Best Comfy Swim Coverups

Both snowbirding vacationers and summer-loving people enjoy spending time at the beach and the pool. Throughout the year, there are many opportunities to show off your best swim styles, even if you are just taking a dip at the hotel pool. To make your time by the water the most convenient, have a transitional piece of clothing that enables you to go from water to land quickly. 

Beach cover-ups make it simple to dress appropriately when you need to go where swimwear isn’t the standard attire. So grab that extra item you need from your hotel room or enjoy some snacks by the boardwalk, because these comfy swim cover-ups are easy to put on in a matter of seconds. They will look flawless over your swimsuit and are made to dry quickly, so you can feel comfortable wherever you go. Here are the four best comfy swim coverups.

1. Dress Cover-ups

The easiest way to switch modes from water to land is to toss a dress cover-up over your swimsuit. There is a wide selection of long cover-ups that look just like something that you would wear on the street. You can choose among styles such as sarongs, short jersey swim dresses, and even long maxi dress cover-ups.

For more UV protection, pick a dress that has sleeves. This will protect your arms, back, and shoulders — common places where people get sunburned. Dresses have enough coverage to conceal modest bathing suits such as one-pieces and tankinis, which allows you to quickly move on to the next destination without worrying about your look. Designed to dry quickly, these dresses are not going to get soggy, so you can feel confident all day. 

2. Kaftan Cover-Ups

If you want to look stylish and feel comfortable at the same time, then a kaftan cover-up is an appropriate addition to your swim repertoire. Made of lightweight chiffon, these breezy, open-sleeved dresses glide easily over your swimsuit to look just like a dress you’d wear on a normal day. The flattering V-neckline and billowy silhouette make this dress a universally flattering cover-up that can go with you practically anywhere. Even if you're not by the water, it's something that you would also want to wear for fun for its simple-yet-alluring style. 

3. Cardigan Cover-Ups

If you prefer something quick and easy, then a UV-protection quick-drying cardigan is the epitome of accessible swim cover-ups. When you don't want to reapply your sunblock just yet but want to keep your shoulders protected, a cardigan makes it easy to block the sun and prevent burns. It’s also a favorite among plus-size swimsuit cover-ups and convenient for swimmers of all ages. Because it's made out of a special lightweight material that dries quickly, it's also an excellent summer cardigan that you can take with you to an air-conditioned place.

4. Rash Guards

If you need more coverage by the water but like to be active, then rash guards can meet your needs. Rash guards can be easily worn over a bikini top to provide extra coverage and protection from the sun. It's a favorite among people who play sports such as volleyball or frisbee by the water. This cover-up can also be worn as a regular top if you need to transition to land activities — all you need to bring is an extra bottom that you can wear comfortably in public.

Honorable Mention: Swim Dresses

If you don't want to bring a swim cover-up at all, another fine alternative is to wear a swim dress. This piece has already enough coverage that you don't need to bring anything else to transition to another scene. They're remarkably convenient when you have a lot to pack and remember, especially if you're going to the beach with a lot of gear. A solid black swim dress is a popular choice because it acts like a little black dress by the water. Appropriate for any occasion and easy to match, it’s a lifesaver when you're having trouble deciding what to wear. 

What comfy swim cover-ups do you plan on trying out this season? There are plenty of options that will make you look wonderful and confident this season.


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