Flannel Shirts That Every Woman Can Rock

Flannel Shirts That Every Woman Can Rock

It’s flannel season! And as the fall transitions into winter, it’s time for flannel shirts to share the stage with the sweaters from your winter wardrobe. If you are in the market for some flannel shirts to add to your closet but need a little inspiration before you get started, here are a few flannel shirt choices every woman can rock!

A Black-and-White Flannel Plaid Boyfriend Shirt

You’ve heard of boyfriend jeans, but what about boyfriend shirts? A fun, casual fall or winter outfit is a black-and-white plaid boyfriend shirt tucked into a pair of light wash high-rise jeans. Roll up the sleeves and rock a pair of your favorite boots to complete the look.

An alternative jeans option is dark wash straight-leg denim jeans. Paired with the black-and-white plaid shirt, it gives the whole outfit a slightly more serious, polished feel, whereas plaid with light wash jeans is a more laid-back and playful look.

A Flannel Tunic

When you are looking to stray from the conventional plaid flannel shirt, try adding a flannel tunic to your wardrobe. Pair it with leggings and some slippers (if you’re indoors) or big, fuzzy, comfy boots, and you have created the ultimate cozy winter outfit. Because almost all flannel shirts come in plaid, you can choose from a variety of colors and styles.

If it’s right around the holiday season, sport a flannel plaid tunic with colors like wild cherry and black coffee. A checkered flannel tunic in teal and charcoal heather is just colorful enough to brighten up a dreary January day once the holiday festivities have come to an end. Other great color schemes include soft pink and black cherry or deep sea and green plaid. These are the flannel shirts you can plan to wear during the early spring days when the sun is out, but it hasn’t quite warmed up enough to put the flannel away.

A Flannel Nightshirt

When discussing what is arguably one of the comfiest clothing materials on Earth, we must not forget flannel pajamas. Don’t limit yourself to flannel shirts you wear throughout the day; invest in a cozy flannel nightshirt, too. A long-sleeve flannel nightshirt often comes in that traditional plaid pattern, but around the holiday season you can usually find flannel nightshirts in different prints. If you want a flannel nightshirt that gives you that extra dose of luxury, opt for one that comes in a pattern like deep sea blue and silver lurex stripe or wild cherry herringbone.

A Cotton Flannel Shirt

Any hardcore flannel fans will want to diversify their flannel portfolio by including a variety of materials, colors, fits, and styles. When most people think of flannel, they usually think of that iconic plaid pattern. And while that’s definitely a staple you want in your wardrobe, an alternative is a cotton flannel shirt in a solid color. The material is thick and able to keep you comfy and cozy throughout the day, yet the style is flattering and polished enough to be worn to the office or a work meeting. It’s quite easy to pull off pairing a solid-colored flannel shirt with another “professional” article of clothing.

The Oversized Flannel Shirt

This isn’t the flannel tunic shirt, and it isn’t the flannel nightshirt. The oversized flannel shirt is the kind of thing you can wear with a cute pair of skinny jeans and long brown leather boots, or you can wear it with a pair of sweatpants or leggings when you feel like bumming around the house.

An oversized flannel shirt does not have to be sloppy; when you pair it with the right pants, it can come across as very chic and eclectic. It all comes down to making smart wardrobe choices. When you wear a baggy, oversized top, the trick is to combine it with form-fitting pants like leggings or skinny jeans. If you want to elongate your legs, finish the look with a pair of ankle boots with a heel or ballet flats. If you want to add more dimension to the whole outfit, finish it off with long boots, with or without a chunky heel.

Your Favorite Flannel Shirt

At the end of the day, it really doesn't matter the size or the color or the fit of a flannel shirt unless you feel fabulous and confident in it. And one of the easiest ways to feel both of those things is to wear your favorite flannel shirt, whatever that may be. Take the time to shop around for the one that feels right for you. Fewer things are better than slipping into a cozy, soft flannel shirt that makes you look and feel incredible.


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