Flannel Sheets to Keep You Cozy This Winter

Flannel Sheets to Keep You Cozy This Winter

Is there anything more comforting than the promise of falling into bed at the end of a long and chilly day? There’s only one small addition that could make this scenario even more appealing: the presence of flannel sheets. Soft in a way that is almost impossible to describe, these sheets are destined to enjoy a permanent spot in your linen closet—and endless rotation through the years-- for their incredible texture.

There are virtually no drawbacks involved with flannel clothing. Flannel is set apart from other warming fabrics by a soft raised 'nap' finish over either diagonal twill or plain weave. During manufacturing, air is trapped in the minuscule air pockets under the nap. That contributes to the familiar cozy texture you love so much and ensures that you’ll simply feel balanced warmth when you sleep at night—not overheated or sweaty because the natural fibers breathe and wick moisture. If you’re often cold at night or winter's unforgiving dark has you craving the reliable comfort only high-quality bedding can deliver, making your bed with a set of beautifully designed flannel sheets is a decision you won’t regret. Best of all? You can give it as a gift, too!

Add a Fun Pattern

There’s certainly more to a set of flannel bed sheets than its good looks—but it sure doesn’t hurt that ours are available in a wide range of options to meet your discerning style preferences. First, consider the fabric’s innate ties to cold weather. The material is traditionally brushed on both sides so that when it touches your skin, it feels almost cloud-like—never itchy or uncomfortable. That makes it the ultimate fabric to use through the coldest months of the year, whether in an eye-catching plaid shirt or in bedding to brighten up your room. And if “bright” is what you’re going for, you’ll find great options in the mix. Velvet flannel sheets are adorned with adorable patterns, like cows peeking through pine trees, skiers making their way down the slope, and sweet little dachshunds in zingy-colored sweaters. Imagine waking up to these every single day—you’ll simply feel more festive and happy looking at them!

Indulge Your Luxurious Side

If you typically sleep on silk sheets and tend to favor luxurious linens, then you won’t have to look far to enjoy similar comfort in flannel Supima cotton sheets. Offering an extra-smooth, beautiful finish, they boast the elegant texture that you might expect of a set of glamorous living room drapes. Yet these are great for covering your bed during the holiday season. They’re strong and durable and are designed to stand up to frequent washes easily. And there’s no need to worry about pilling, even if you happen to wash it more frequently during the holiday season thanks to all that sleeping in you plan to do! These sheets breathe luxury and are available in a range of beautiful solid colors—and soft whites and ivories—along with eye-catching patterns that add a little subtle charm to your already refined space.

Keep It All Organic

If you’re committed to reducing your carbon footprint as much as possible, you can’t go wrong with a set of organic flannel sheets. They’re made with 100% pure organic cotton, and the soft and attractive colors are established courtesy of organic dyes. It makes for a beautiful finish that you can trust will last for years to come. From the irresistibly touchable fabric to the selection of comforting shades that range from elegant champagnes to pretty peaches, these are sheets destined to become instant favorites. And if you happen to be a fan of monogrammed bedding, these sheets are perfect for adding your personalized stamp. You might even consider giving them as a gift to the hard-to-please name on your list and feel sure they'll appreciate the extra effort and thought.

Go for the Reliable Classics

Since flannel tends to conjure very specific images of soft plaid shirts and all the cozy extras that make the season so special, it’s only natural that you might be specifically drawn to the classics: brilliant plaids in rich, dramatic hues. The good news is our velvet tattersall sheets are perfect if that’s your preferred look! They’re available in a variety of fun and eye-catching plaids that go perfectly with the season. Even better, these sheets look great peeking out of comforters, and they’ll keep you as soft and cozy as you can imagine all season long. What better way to transform your room and keep up with the spirit of the holidays?


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