Women's Flannel Pajamas vs Nightgowns: What's More Comfortable

Women's Flannel Pajamas vs Nightgowns: What's More Comfortable

When it comes to pajamas, everyone has different preferences. Some people like just a simple T-shirt and shorts. Some like nightgowns. Others like two-piece pajama sets. Some don’t even wear pajamas at all! What it all comes down to is how warm we want to be and what material feels best on your skin. It also depends on how long you plan on wearing them. Do you want to lounge around in them all day, or do you wait and slip into them just before bedtime? Or maybe you put them on as soon as you get home from work to detach from the day you had and allow yourself to get comfortable and relax. Regardless of when you put them on, the battle between flannel pajamas and nightgowns still exists. Is one more comfortable than the other? There are arguments for both. Here are our thoughts.

For Warmth

Some sleep experts recommend having the temperature of your bedroom no more than 65 degrees Fahrenheit. That temperature might be welcome in the summer, but not necessarily when the cold winds are howling during winter. Just the thought of walking into a cold bedroom can make you dread going to bed altogether. When staying warm and cozy is imperative to you, you can’t go wrong with flannel pajamas. They’re even extra soft and comfy when they’re brushed both inside and out. A flannel nightgown can be comfortable too, but it won’t trap the air around your legs and provide insulation like pajama pants can do. Winner for warmth: Flannel pajamas.

For Keeping Cool

Some people have problems keeping cool at nighttime, regardless of what temperature their room is. And when the body has a difficult time regulating its temperature, it can affect the quality of their sleep. If this sounds familiar, and you’re on the quest for some cooling pajamas, you’ll want to pay attention to the material the pajamas are made with. Cotton, linen, and even wool blends are great choices for cooling pajamas since they breathe better than some synthetic materials. That doesn’t mean that synthetic is always bad, however. Nonetheless, linen is great if you like lightweight and airy pj’s, and cotton and light wools are great at wicking moisture away from your body, keeping you dry at night. Concerning whether a nightgown or flannel pj’s will be cooler, the nightgown wins, providing it is made of linen, cotton, or light wool. Keep in mind, however, that some types of flannel might have cooling properties of their own, but they’re still warmer than a linen nightgown.

When It’s About More Than Physical Comfort

Some people just don’t feel comfortable in nightgowns. They don’t like their legs being exposed and they don’t like the way the nightgown can scrunch up at night when sleeping. Others prefer nightgowns because they feel less restricting than bottoms with a restricting inseam and waistband. Regardless, sometimes the comfort level has just enough to do with how you feel emotionally while wearing the pajamas as how you feel physically. When you have matching family pajamas, the comfort level isn’t just about how they feel against your skin, but that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you’re all wearing them together. The winner in the battle of matching flannel pajamas versus matching nightgowns: It’s a tie.

When You Want the Best of Both Worlds

Maybe you like nightgowns, whether they’re made of flannel or another type of fabric. But maybe you also like the way flannel feels on your lower legs. You don’t get that with nightgowns, even if they’re made of flannel, unless they’re long. That’s where flannel sheets prove their worth. Not all flannel sheets are made equally, however. Look for sheets made with high-quality Supima cotton for extra softness. Don’t assume that flannel will make you too hot either. Yes, it is warmer than regular sheets, but it will also wick moisture away from you if it is made with high-quality cotton.

In short, both flannel pajamas and nightgowns can be comfortable. In fact, they can be really comfortable. But it’s all a matter of preference. The way your pajamas fit, the way you sleep, and the level of warmth you’re looking for will all be factors. Of course, there is color and design as well. You might be feeling like a basic black nightgown one day but a warm fuzzy pair of red flannel pajamas the next day. Make the decision easy by getting a new nightgown and a new set of flannel pajamas so you can enjoy the benefits of both.


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