5 Winter Jackets You Need for Every Family Gathering

5 Winter Jackets You Need for Every Family Gathering

The right winter coats can keep you comfortable through the entire season. Stay warm and fashionable at family gatherings and other events with jackets and coats in an array of styles. There are outerwear options for every type of weather, including rain, sleet, and snow. Regardless of your favorite clothing style, it’s easy to find an outerwear piece that beautifully. Read on to learn more about the pieces you need for braving the elements in style.

1. The Winter Vest

While not technically a jacket, the winter vest is a piece you’ll want in your collection. You can layer them under your everyday jacket or coat. They’re casual and on-trend, and they add a layer of warmth to your outfit. Wear them over a fitted turtleneck or crew neck knit top for a touch of rugged style. They come in multiple colors and prints, so you can find one or more that coordinate with your other apparel pieces.

Women’s winter vests come in several materials to suit your preferences. There are super-soft fleece vests for mild winter days, as well as polyester down-filled puffer vests for when it gets really cold. For a feminine touch, opt for a vest with figure-enhancing princess seams. This seam type has a gentle curve and flair at the waist to accentuate your shape.

2. The Parka Jacket

If you love a classic piece of outerwear that’s made for performance, consider a Squall® parka. This type of parka is designed for temperatures as low as -23 degrees Fahrenheit. The nylon shell is waterproof, so you can frolic through the falling snow or dance in the rain and still stay dry. These jackets fall to the hip, offering ample coverage for your midsection and bottom.

Look for a winter parka that’s insulated for extra warmth. Another feature you’ll want is a hood with a drawstring to keep your head warm and dry during times of precipitation. Parkas come in lots of different colors, including neutral hues that go with everything and vibrant shades like red and turquoise.

3. The Rain Jacket

Cold, rainy days won’t keep you down when you have the right raincoat. Whether you like the look of a short jacket or a long coat, you’ll want one that’s made to be completely waterproof. Choose outerwear with a hood to protect your head and face from the rain. There are casual raincoats and jackets with zipper closures, as well as belted options that add an elegant touch to your outfit.

When it comes to shopping for women’s rain jackets, you’ll find an array of styles available. Long raincoats provide plenty of coverage and have a traditional look. Short jackets are more laid-back in appearance and work well with jeans or other types of casual apparel. Many of these pieces are made from easy-care fabrics, so you can toss them in the washing machine as needed.

4. The Packable Jacket

If you plan to travel to various family gatherings this season, you may want to add packable outerwear to your closet. These types of coats and jackets fold into small squares that make them easier to tuck into a suitcase or duffel bag. Some fold into their own pocket for effortless portability.

Packable jackets come in various styles and colors. There are puffy jackets in trendy colors, including vibrant brights. You’ll also find understated jackets in versatile colors like black, navy, and winter white. They go with everything, whether you’re dressed for a casual day or a night on the town.

5. The Fleece Jacket

Another versatile piece of outerwear for all your winter events and appointments is the fleece jacket. There are multiple types of fleece, including polyester fleece that’s brushed for softness. Another type is sweater fleece—it’s also crafted from polyester but looks and feels like your favorite sweater. Some fleece jackets have hoods for added warmth, while others have collars.

Fleece jackets are a wardrobe staple that can be worn with all kinds of apparel. They look great with turtlenecks and women’s tunic sweaters and can be paired with any type of jeans. These jackets can be found in a rainbow of colors to match everything in your closet.

Adding Accessories to Your Winter Outfit

Once you’ve chosen the outerwear that suits your climate needs and aesthetic preferences, finish the look with the right cold-weather accessories, like scarves, gloves, and hats. With the right winter wear, you can sail through the season feeling comfortable and confident.


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