5 Ways to Make a Graphic Tee Work for a Fancy Night Out

5 Ways to Make a Graphic Tee Work for a Fancy Night Out

Think wearing a graphic tee for a fancy night out is a fashion faux pas? Think again. If there’s anything fashion has taught us throughout the decades, it’s that it’s a constantly evolving thing routinely challenging norms and traditions. The trick to successfully pulling off something so seemingly unconventional is to know how to style a graphic tee appropriately. In this article, we will go over a few ways that you can make a graphic tee work for a fancy night out. 

1. Contrast Casual With Dressy

The key to pulling off an outfit with a traditionally casual clothing item like the graphic tee is to contrast it with something dressier. For example, rather than going out for a night on the town in a graphic tee and something equally as casual like leggings, you’d opt for a sharp pair of jeans that offers a flattering fit along with a second layer like a snazzy tailored blazer.

Classic blue jeans with a graphic tee will work for a fancy night out (along with a pair of statement heels and a flashy, colorful clutch purse), as will a pair of black jeans with a black jacket to make your outfit look a little dressier, dramatic, and eye-catching. In addition to pairing the casual graphic tee with a more formal clothing item, accessorize with elegant jewelry or fashion statement pieces. Incorporate everything from the bag you carry to the earrings you wear to complete a fancy graphic tee outfit for a night out. 

2. Wear Your Favorite Graphic Tee With a Long, Flowy Skirt

If you need to turn your casual daytime outfit into something appropriate to wear for a fancy night out, opt for the graphic tee and long, flowy skirt combo. This clothing combination can be worn during the day too! A soft pastel-colored midi skirt with an elegant, feminine material will nicely contrast the edgier look of a classic graphic tee. During the day, you can give the outfit a more laid back look by finishing it off with a pair of white sneakers or some other comfortable flat. But come evening, whip out your favorite pair of statement boots or heels, and give the whole outfit a little more pizzazz with some colorful jewelry and other flashy accessories.

3. A Graphic Tee Under a Dress

Sound a little weird? It’s doable and has totally been done before. From the streets of Manhattan to the quiet towns of the Midwest, women across the country can be found sporting the cute and classic “T-shirt under the dress” look. In most cases, it’s easier to find this look created with a plain white tee and a colorful, patterned dress. Why not reverse it and opt for a graphic tee with a solid colored dress instead? And when it comes to the best dresses to use for this outfit, we recommend long, spaghetti strap tall maxi dresses or cute sleeveless midi dresses. Whatever dress you choose, you just want to make sure it’s something without sleeves or a high collar so you can show off your cute graphic tee. Complete this outfit look with a pair of ankle boots, ballet flats, or sandals, depending on the season.

4. A Graphic Tee and Jumpsuit

At first glance, a graphic tee and a jumpsuit may both seem like articles of clothing you wouldn’t wear for a fancy night out. But as we’ve mentioned earlier in this post, it all comes down to the way the outfit is styled. So long as the trendy event you are attending does not require a ball gown or some other formal attire, a graphic tee and jumpsuit combo can make for perfectly acceptable evening wear. The key is to focus on the right kind of material and piecing together an outfit that is stylish, sophisticated, and clearly well-thought-out. Avoid denim jumpsuits and rompers and stick to fabrics that are soft yet durable like knitwear or corduroy if you are going out in the fall or winter months.

5. A Graphic Tee With Trousers and Heels

Mix the casual with the professional by combining a stellar graphic tee with a slick pair of black trousers. You can play around with different styles such as high waisted trousers that you can tuck into your graphic tee into or straight black pants or women’s black jeans with an oversized graphic tee. To add a bit of fanciness to the outfit, avoid flat footwear and opt for heels, whether it’s a classic black pump or a brightly colored pair of fashion statement heels. If you are feeling particularly daring, pair your graphic tee with patterned work pants, like black and white checkers or a funky, bright solid color like cherry red. 

We’ve just highlighted a few ways that you can confidently wear a graphic tee for a fancy night out. Play around with different pieces in your wardrobe, and we’re sure you can successfully piece together a stylish evening outfit that incorporates a graphic tee.


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