Five Ways to Show Your Support for Pride Month

Five Ways to Show Your Support for Pride Month

Supporting everyone’s uniqueness is more important than ever. If you’re looking for some simple ways to show your support for Pride Month, start here and get inspired.

What Is Pride Month?

Knowing what Pride Month is and the story behind it is a great way to start. The event is held in June each year, and it started as a tribute to those involved in the Stonewall Uprising in Manhattan in 1969. This event had a key impact on people’s rights surrounding sexual orientation and identification. The impact of Pride Month is massive and varied. Not only do people show support for the LGBTQ+ community in general, but they also participate in a wide range of activities and tributes to support people who have been lost to hate crimes or HIV, as well as those who have had an impact on the movement. The first Pride Month celebration was a historical event, and the tradition continues as people show their support today.

Show Your Support by Spreading Knowledge

Education can be key to communication and understanding. One simple way that you can support Pride Month is by telling others you know about the story around it and, more generally, about LGBTQ+ rights throughout history. By being aware of the events and challenges, people can become more knowledgeable and ready to support the movement. You can talk about it in person with friends, family members, or acquaintances who may not know the backstory or bring it up in email or text conversations.

Have you or someone you know been personally impacted by a certain event or struggle? Sharing a personal account isn’t always easy, but it can make it that much more real for people who aren’t involved. Being open about your experiences can help pave the way for more understanding and communication.

Be Proud on Social Media

An easy way to show your support for Pride Month is through your social media pages. You can do this through fun images, memes, quotes, or personalized messages. Social media support can make a big difference as it’s something people see and share frequently, and you can do it from home in your comfy sweats or favorite comfy casual clothes. Post favorite quotes from famous people involved in LGBTQ+ rights, or share events or activities happening in your local community that others may want to get involved in during the month.

Be Caring and Inclusive in Your Everyday Conversations

How you speak and interact with others can go a long way in supporting the causes behind Pride Month. By being genuine and caring to everyone you meet and being thoughtful in your interactions, you can support the awareness and inclusivity that Pride Month strives for. Avoid stereotyping, making assumptions, or assigning roles. Ask about personal pronoun preferences when meeting people in person or virtually. Focus on people as individuals first, without requiring them to dive into personal details. Remember that people are people first.

Donate Time or Money to Local or National LGBTQ+ Groups

Chances are, local groups near you have events or activities planned for Pride Month. If you can’t find any locally, you can also look for groups at the national level with events you can participate in. Donating your time can be invaluable to the people putting together these events, and while money isn’t everything, the truth is that the events don’t come without a cost. Even a small monetary gift to a local group is sure to be greatly appreciated. Speak out about your volunteerism and encourage others to join in too.

Wear Your Pride All Month

Another simple and fun way to show your pride in June and all year long is through what you wear. Many people choose to wear buttons, pins, stickers, or other small items that can be easily affixed to their favorite tops or even items like backpacks or beach bags. Wear multi-colored polos or tunic tops, hats, or scarves that support the movement nonverbally. Update your wardrobe with a capsule collection of all-season brightly colored basics to wear during Pride Month and all year. You can get even more creative by dying your hair or wearing temporary rainbow hairpieces. Place a rainbow flag in your yard or window, or place a vinyl sticker to show support on your vehicle. Have pets? Switch up their collars for a rainbow-colored version in June, or get your furry companion a rainbow-colored sweater or coat.

Stay Strong and Show Your Support During Pride Month

Supporting a cause you believe in isn’t always easy, but it can be rewarding. From the simple actions in how you interact with others to taking time out to volunteer or expressly show your support, there are many ways that you can support Pride Month this year. Stay confident and get ready to help make a difference.


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