Five Things You Need in Your Gym Bag

Five Things You Need in Your Gym Bag

Getting back to the gym can help you feel your best and be healthy! Be prepared to have the best workouts ever by having a prepped gym bag ready and waiting to go. Getting in the habit of packing your gym bag with all your essentials can go a long way in helping you stay committed to your fitness routine. Whether you’re returning to the gym or getting started for the first time, the quick tips in this packing guide can help you make the most out of every workout or gym activity.

Start With a Great Bag

Before you discover the essentials to keep handy in your gym bag, you’ll need to start with a great bag. Look for durable, quality styles that are easy to grab and go. Comfortable handheld handles are great for quick reaches, but optional shoulder straps can also be great features, especially if you need to walk any distance to your gym location. Interior and exterior pockets can help keep your belongings organized and secure, while durable zippers will help your bag hold up well over time, use after use. Look for quality fabrics that resist odors and can be washed easily to keep your bag as fresh as day one. A spacious bag will allow you to take up all of your activities with ease, even if you need some different equipment or items. Another consideration is style. While the color and design won’t make or break your workout, having a great-looking gym bag in style you love might help give you that extra boost you need to stay on top of your workout routines.

Hydration Is Key

Always pack your gym bag with a bottle of water, plus a backup. Reusable bottles are available in great styles that are easy to use and stay cold to give you the refreshing hydration you need before, during, and after your workout. Prep water bottles with fresh water and ice the night before, and pack them in your bag so you’ll never forget this essential or be stuck looking for spare change to grab water from a vending machine.

Activewear Essentials Help You Make the Most of Your Workout

Next in line are the activewear essentials that help you look and feel your best for your workout or activities. It can be helpful to have a set of basics, like capri-length athletic leggings and sleeveless racerback women’s tank tops in your bag at all times to help you be prepared for any type of workout. If you regularly take a class or do a specific type of exercise, make sure you have the proper items on hand. If yoga is your go-to activity, have yoga pants and breathable tanks or short-sleeved tees in your bag to stay comfortable in any pose. Jogging on an indoor track or treadmill might call for athletic shorts and moisture-wicking tees to keep you cool. Planned sports activities on a team or with a group might call for athletic skorts and matching V-neck athletic tops to look stylish and keep you cool and comfortable. No matter what activities you love, having quality activewear that fits, flatters, and keeps you cool will make it even better.

Outerwear for Going In and Out of the Gym

Even if things are heating up during your workouts or activities during the gym, the temps outside might not be. Keep versatile activewear outerwear items like zip-up fleece jackets, soft hoodies, or the best rain coats in your bag to toss on as you go in and out of the gym. These before-and-after workout essentials will help you stay comfortable and ready to go. Don’t forget things like quality athletic shoes and socks, hair ties or headbands, and foundations like a well-fitting sports bra as well.

Activity Trackers or Watches

If you’re trying to achieve a specific fitness goal, using an activity tracker, fitness watch, or other devices can help you track and reach your goals. Keep these in your gym bag for easy access and to help you stay focused. If you use an activity-tracking program on your smartphone, keep a spare charger or power pack in your gym bag to help you keep your device fully powered to mark your activity.

Personal Care Basics to Keep You Cool and Fresh

Taking some time to decide on what routines and habits work best for you regarding your workouts will help you pack your gym bag in the way that makes the most sense for you. If you normally hit the gym before work and plan to shower there, pack your gym bag with small bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Items like freshening moist towelettes, towels (a small towel for your workout, and a larger one if showering post-workout), extra deodorant, a hairbrush, and any other personal care items will be helpful. A travel makeup kit, blow-dryer, and mini body spray are great if heading out after the gym, too. Being prepared for whatever works best for you personally will help you feel great about going to the gym.

Stay Healthy and Active With a Well-Packed Gym Bag

Keeping your gym bag well-stocked with the essentials you need for your workouts will help you stay healthy and active. Prepping your gym bag in advance will make it easier to make exercise a priority, even when you’re busy. Have a well-packed bag, and be ready to hit the gym at any time. After all, you’re worth it!

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