5 Spring Date Ideas

5 Spring Date Ideas

With everything in bloom and the world outside starting to look a lot more enticing, you know that spring is officially here. And if spring is in full swing, that means that love is in the air (it really helps to balance out all that pollen, doesn't it?). That's why spring can be an extra sweet time to get together with your sweetie for a memorable date. If you and your partner are two parts of an outdoorsy duo, or you and your new bae are looking for some cute ways to enjoy the season, we have you covered with a great date idea below.

1 - A Park Picnic

What better way to relish in all of spring's loveliness than with a romantic park picnic? Before planning your picnic date, check the weather in advance since we all know that April showers are necessary for May flowers. Next, pick a location that has picnic tables or a cute grassy knoll, and pack up the essentials like a picnic blanket, a delicious food spread, plus whatever beverages you and your date will want to have on hand. While you'll want to aim to have this outdoorsy date on a sunny spring day, this season can be somewhat unpredictable, so always be sure to bring an extra layer just in case. A lightweight women's cardigan sweater or a stylish jean jacket can be versatile options here.

2 - An Outdoor Dinner Date

After a season spent cozy indoors, it's no wonder we all want to be outside as much as possible in the spring (despite that whole pollen thing, that is). That's why the next seasonal date idea on our list is to plan an outdoor dinner date. Choose a restaurant with a cute outdoor space. Keep an eye out for touches like a covered patio with string lights and heat lamps, as these will make sure you have a cozy evening even if there's a lingering winter chill in the air. Make a reservation, and specify that you're looking to dine outdoors. When getting ready for your date, opt for an outfit that feels springy and cute but with some added warmth just in case. A sweater dress can be the perfect solution here or a nice pair of jeans with a blouse and a cardigan layer.

3 - A Day Hike

A hike is a great date idea if you and your date are both the outdoorsy type. It's a way to get active, connect with your partner, or get to know someone new without distractions, and spring is the perfect season for hiking since everything is in full bloom. For this date idea, check the weather in advance and scope out the trail online so you can plan your adventure accordingly. Pack a backpack with essentials, like bug spray, sunscreen, snacks, and maybe even some sandwiches if you think you can find a scenic vista for a little picnic. Don't forget to also bring along a lightweight, waterproof packable jacket with a hood just in case the weather takes a turn.

4 - A Drive-In Movie

This date idea is a major throwback to the 1950s and still an oh-so-cute date idea, especially as the weather outside gets nicer. Research if there's a drive-in movie near you. Some areas also offer movies in a park or other public venue, in which you'll be sitting on blankets on a lawn or other outdoor venue vs. sitting in your car as you would at a classic drive-in theatre. Either way, you'll want to buy your tickets in advance and bring some snacks and beverages. Check with the venue beforehand to see if the event has any rules about what you can and can't bring in. Next, pack some throw blankets, put on a cute and flattering yet comfy date night look, and get ready to cuddle up and enjoy a movie date with a memorable twist!

5 - A Farmer's Market Date

Spring means that farmer's markets are in full swing, with a ton of stands bursting at the seams with fresh produce and fragrant flowers. This is a perfect daytime date on a Saturday or Sunday (depending on when your local farmer's market takes place), especially if it's sunny. Bring along a few eco-friendly canvas tote bags, rock a cute spring outfit, and stock up on treats from the prepared food stalls or on fresh seasonal ingredients. You can find a nearby grassy knoll to enjoy a prepared food haul or head back to either of your places to cook up a storm and try out some new spring recipes.

These five date ideas are a great way to enjoy the season while also enjoying some quality time with your partner (or getting to know someone new!). We hope your spring season is full of all of the love you deserve!


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