5 Reasons Fleece Is So Comfy

5 Reasons Why Fleece is so Comfy

It’s 2021, and if you don’t own a fleece pullover, pair of fleece slippers, or a full-fledged women's fleece jacket, then you are seriously in need of a wardrobe update. Here are just 5 reasons why fleece is the most amazing, comfortable, versatile fabric out there.

It Keeps You Warm

Originally, fleece was simply a creative, synthetic answer to using natural wool fabric. Turns out, fleece is so much more! Not only is fleece soft and cozy (instead of itchy and coarse), but fleece is also a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric with the ability to keep us warm when we need it and let in a breeze when we don’t.

Once the fabric was patented, we knew it’d change everything—from robes and slippers to jackets and hats and women's fleece gloves. If you want something wrapped in fleece, Lands' End has you (warmly) covered.

Fleece Can Be Casual and Smart

Whether you find yourself in a grocery store, college classroom, high school football game, or on a family camping trip, there’s a fleece perfectly suited to your event. Our fleece pullover is perfect for men and women, old and young alike, and tends to be a staple in most closets. Brushed on both sides for that extra soft, comfy feeling, it’s lightweight enough for cool summer evenings, or you can layer it under jackets in the colder months.

For something more fitted and feminine, try a women's fleece vest or blazers with form-fitting princess seams. Our blazers are styled to wear anywhere, textured on the outside, but warm and comfy on the inside. Choose from hip-length blazers perfect for pairing with your best skinny jeans or long fleece coats with patch pockets great for handy situations.

Fleece comes in all kinds of colors, patterns, and textures. So go ahead and lounge around at home in our fleece pajamas, catch a movie wearing a fleece sweater, or take your fleece to work in a smart-looking fleece jacket. Our fleece truly is as versatile as you are.

Fleece Comes in Levels of Warmth

Warm-blooded? Not to worry, our fleece comes in lightweight to plush options, and we even provide a temperature rating to guide your fleece-buying decision-making. Here are a few of our options:

Fleece is Durable and Easy to Clean

Our fleece never pills or wrinkles, and it’s machine washable to boot. If you want to keep its softness flawless, we suggest washing fleece inside-out on a cool setting. You might also want to separate your favorite fleece pieces from other fuzzy fabrics, like those plush bath towels piling up in your hamper. It’s best to keep their lint under control and your fleece fuzz-free. Did we mention our fleece is so soft and durable, it doesn’t need fabric softener?

Fleece is a Home Accessory

Lands End offers personalized and monogrammed options for all your favorite fleece accessories—fleece throws and blankets, and even Fido’s cozy fleece dog bed. All you have to do is make sure your PJs match the decor.

It probably goes without saying, but now that we’ve proven how comfy fleece can be, you’ll probably want to consider organizing your fleece by season. What’s the best season for fleece, you ask? Holiday season! There’s no better way to get ready for Christmas than to pull out your fleece throws, pillows, tree skirts, stockings, duvets, and Christmas decorations, and transform your home into the best kind of holiday retreat.


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