5 Fresh Ways to Wear a Polo Shirt

5 Fresh Ways to Wear a Polo Shirt

From business meetings to afternoon lunch dates, women’s polo shirts are a universal wardrobe staple for most. Gone are the days of one style, one color polo shirts. Yes, the polo shirt has evolved over recent decades, and these days you can find these wardrobe staples in a variety of colors, patterns, and cuts.

These modern classics deliver plenty of comfort and style that compliment women at all stages of their style journey. From business casual Fridays in the office to brunch-ready glam, polo shirts have proven that they are here to stay no matter the occasion. Go ahead, take a look at our five fresh and fun ways you can give your polo look a boost for any season with a few creative enhancements.

Embrace the Art of Layers

Polo shirts are unique because they are appropriate for any season or occasion. With the right layering option, you can wear your favorite polo(s) year-round. Polos are the perfect companion for layering with other wardrobe essentials, like a fun blazer, women’s sweater, or both at the same time, if the mood strikes.

You can use layers to transition your look from day to night. If you like to take more chances with your fashion style, try blending textures and patterns that enhance the look you want to convey; just remember not to overdo layering. There is such a thing as too much layering. You don't want to end up looking uncomfortable due to bulk. The goal is for each layering piece to compliment the other.

Always Add an Accessory

If you want your polo shirt to really stand out, you can always incorporate an accessory piece that brings out your style by simply adding a fun pair of booties, chunky fashion scarves, and cool sunglasses. Adding a fun accessory can automatically add points to your polo ensemble. If you're looking to dress up your polo shirt, try incorporating a layered necklace, a classic structured hat, a silk neck scarf, or stacked bracelets. Additionally, feel free to coordinate your polos to complement each season by adding elements unique associated with that time of year.

For instance, try wearing a long cardigan, polo shirt, skinny jeans, a chunky scarf, and boots to complete a fall or winter look. Also, feel free to dress your polo up or down by incorporating accessories that project a signature look that is far from ordinary.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Create a story with your polo outfit choices. Permit yourself to create a comfortable, stylish look that is work-appropriate and after-work-ready. Don't be afraid to make your polo outfit a walking piece of edgy art. If you're used to playing it safe, this might be the time to experiment with exciting details like a statement-making jacket, textured-pattern pencil skirt, or chino pants. Go ahead and step into your next zone of style—either way, you'll be fashion-forward because these polo outfits know no boundaries.

Add Some Color

These days, there are no such things as primary palette colors. Polo shirts come in various colors, ranging from breathtaking pastels to attention-getting monochrome colors. This is the perfect time to take your polo shirt up a notch with intentional pops of color to complete your look. If you're really into neutrals, try shaking things up a bit with a bright polo to balance out your outfit. From work meetings to outside tennis courts and everything in between, keeping an arsenal of contrasting colors will keep your outfits looking stunning and memorable, matching your style and personality.

Keep It Classic

Sometimes, you don't have to reinvent the wheel. It's easy to get caught up in new fashion trends and forget that a polo shirt is a timeless classic that never truly goes out of style. So if you're not into bold colors or patterns, feel free to keep it original and accentuate your look with a favorite suit. If suits aren't your jam, go ahead and wear a classic polo with a pair of skinny jeans or women’s chino pants and sneakers or a classic A-line skirt. Add a favorite cardigan sweater and be on your way. With contrasting colors, unique details on the collar add hard-to-forget, eye-catching details that are worthy of a second glance at your next business in-person or virtual meeting or outing.

Whichever color and style of polo shirt you decide on, be sure to consider some of these tips to enhance your polo shirt looks. Don't be afraid to get creative in your realm of style while meeting your comfort level. With so many options to choose from, there are plenty of polo shirt colors and styles to pique your interest and meet your professional or personal wardrobe needs.


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