How to find the swimsuit that makes you confident and comfortable on the beach.

women's swim

We believe that every body is ready for the beach. After all, everyone deserves a day in the sun after making it through winter (particularly if you call Wisconsin home, as we do).

That being said, different body types deserve swimwear that’s just as unique as their own shape. Or in other words, when it comes to bathing suits it’s good to have options–and we suit you best.

Bikinis may be the buzzy word each summer, but don’t let them steal the spotlight from the dresskini. If you’re looking for greater coverage–either to avoid a pesky sunburn, keep your thighs from stealing the show, or both–a dresskini provides the option of greater coverage while remaining sporty and stylish.

But concentrating on your bottom-half is only half the picture. A dresskini’s empire waist makes for a tummy-flattering silhouette, and its halter neckline draws attention upwards to your sun-kissed shoulders. The overall effect? Trimmer thighs, a slimmed tummy and an emphasis up-top. The ability to stylize your dresskini by pairing it with matching bottoms or something with bold contrast is just icing on the cake.

women's swim

It shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that many women consider their center to be a problem area when hitting the waves. Of course, the popularity of the bikini only accentuates a region that some ladies can feel self-conscious about. But tankinis and high waisted swimsuits can go a long way to help you check those body image-related anxieties at the door.

The tankini provides your middle with extra coverage while keeping beach-ready and seasonal, and its ability to pair or contrast with different bikini bottoms, swim shorts, and swim skirts opens up your style options. If you’d like to go for a similarly slimming effect while catching some more sunshine, a high-waisted bikini bottom can slim the center while calling for more attention up-top.

While we’re happy to provide bikini alternatives, we love that iconic swimwear style as much as the next beachgoer–and want you to get your full enjoyment out of wearing one. You can step out in your favorite two-piece with confidence by following a few easy tips that also open up style possibilities.

Instead of a solid bikini, opt for something with a vibrant print that speaks to you. Aside from expressing your own personality, it will naturally draw attention away from your tummy. A similar effect can be done with textural details like ruching or placed lines.

Just don’t get hung-up on the idea that the top and bottom must be printed. You can feel free to mix-and-match solid bikini bottoms with printed tops, and vice versa. The contrast between the two will pull off a visual effect that’s just as strong, if not stronger. A colorful duel between two mismatched solids will also do the trick.

Whichever combination gets you to the beach this summer, whether that’s a solid tankini paired with your favorite bottoms or a bikini in a bold print that you’ve been waiting to slip into since March, take confidence in the knowledge that it’s the combination that suits you best. That way, you can keep your mind on what really matters: enjoying every minute in the sun and sand.

women's swim

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