Find the Perfect Polo Fit

Find the Perfect Polo Fit

Polos hit that sweet spot. They’re not as casual as men’s and women’s T-shirts but not as polished as button-down shirts or women’s blouses. You can style them up with khakis and loafers or down with skinny jeans. They’re a staple for both men and women — you can fly under the radar at work rocking a polo but run your weekend errands wearing one. Whether it’s warm outside or cold, you must invest in stylish women’s or men’s polo shirts.

If you’re on a quest to find a few polos for your wardrobe, first, you must know your proper size. Just like any clothing item, polos just look better when you are wearing one that perfectly fits you. Follow the below steps to find your perfect polo fit.

Know Your Measurements

First thing’s first: You must know your proper measurements! Knowing your accurate measurements goes for any clothing item and helps you avoid returning items or going to the neighborhood tailor. So, it’s time to pull out that handy measuring tape! When measuring to determine your correct size, follow these steps:

Step 1: Measure Bust or Chest

First, measure your bust or chest. If possible, get someone to help you out. For women, relax your arms at your side. Then, using the measuring tape, place one end of the measuring tape at the fullest part of your bust, keeping the tape parallel to the floor, and wrap it around your body. For men, do the same, starting with the center of your chest and wrapping around your body.

Step 2: Determine Arm Length

Next, measure your arm length. To do this, first, bend your elbow 90 degrees. Then, place your hand on your hip. Hold the measuring tape at the center back of your neck and then measure across your shoulder to your elbow. Continue to measure down to your wrist (it helps if you have someone to lend a hand). Determine your total arm length in inches, which is your sleeve length.

Step 3: Measure Neck (Men)

Knowing your neck measurement helps you determine the best collar fit for you. First, wrap the tape around the base of your neck. Don’t wrap it too tightly! Jot down your accurate neck measurement, this is your true neck measurement.

Step 4: Find Out if You’re Regular, Petite, or Tall (Women)

You probably know your height, but measure it to determine if you’re regular, petite, or tall. Here are the guidelines: regular is 5'4"­­­–5'7" tall, petite is 4'11"–5'3" tall, and tall is 5'8" and taller. Also, check to see if there are plus sizes for your items for a better fit.

Step 5: Find Out if You’re Regular, Tall, Short, or Big (Men)

Like women’s sizes, men’s apparel is usually divided into multiple categories depending on your height: regular is 5'8"–6'0" tall, tall is 6'1"–6'3" tall, short is 5'3"–5'7" tall, and big is 5'8"–6'0" tall. Choose tailored for a closer-to-the-body fit throughout.

Use Fit Predications on Site

If you are signed in to a site, sometimes you can use a fit prediction that determines your best fit based on past purchases. This is useful since sizes may change slightly depending on the brand. Check to see if the site you are on has a size predictor and log in to receive a suggested size.

Read Product Descriptions

Reading the product description aids in helping you purchase a polo with your perfect fit. There are plenty of keywords to look out for, such as tailored, or a tapered fit, that provides a close-to-the-body fit. Classic or traditional means there’s more room than a tailored fit. Lightweight or drapey fabric may also indicate a roomier polo fit.

Other indicators, such as fabric type, may give you insight into the fit. Polyester usually offers a more lightweight fit than cotton. And fabrics blended with stretchy material, such as spandex, will conform more to your body.

Finally, look out for other design attributes that may affect how the polo will fit. A ribbed hem and cuffs, for example, may fit closer to your body than a straight hem with vents and cuffs without ribbing. Polos with a front-zip closure or button placket allows you to customize how the polo fits at your neck and chest. Some polos even feature a slit at the neckline with no closure type. If it’s warm outside, perhaps go for a short-sleeved polo. And if it’s chilly, a men’s or women’s long-sleeved polo shirt will do.

Style to Show off Your Perfectly Fitted Polo

After figuring out what polos will fit you perfectly, you must know how to style them! You have plenty of colorways — bright yellows to neutral tones — and prints, classic stripes to vacation-ready florals, to choose from. Perhaps purchase at least one go-with-anything neutral-toned polo for your work-to-weekend lineup. Style your polos with men’s or women’s khaki pants, navy or white denim skinny jeans, and black dress pants. For women, jazz things up with a skirt or patterned pants.

As for the shoes, it depends on your destination. From sleek sneaks to leather loafers, plenty of kicks will finish your polo outfit in style. If needed, a designer belt will tie together your ensemble. Explore various stores to find stylish, suitable polos (and the right apparel, totes, and backpacks to go with them).


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