How to Find the Perfect One Piece Online

Things to Consider When Ordering Your One Piece Swimsuit

One piece swimsuits provide the perfect combination of coverage and comfort, making them a popular choice for taking a dip in the pool or lounging at the beach. This timeless style is ideal for all ages and body types, but there’s a huge difference between a good one piece and the perfect one for you. There are more options than ever when it comes to one pieces, from high-performance options to fashion-forward styles with trendy cutouts–so how do you pick?

When choosing a one piece swimsuit, you want something that you’ll love all summer long and beyond. Quality, material, fit–all of these factors can determine whether a one-piece becomes a new favorite or gets forgotten in the back of your closet. Here are the main factors to consider before ordering your new swimwear.

Your Body Shape

Before you even start browsing for one-pieces, make sure you understand your own body shape. Knowing which features you want to show off can give you an idea of the cuts and patterns that are most flattering. It can also help you understand what features you need for ultimate coverage. For example, a one-piece with a plunging, open back may flatter women with broad shoulders, while a slimming swimsuit with a higher leg cut can provide extra support and shape to rectangular or apple body types.


Checking the measurements for your swimwear is the key to ordering something that fits and avoiding the hassle of making a return. Common swimwear measurements include the bust, waist and hips. For swimsuits that offer a bit more support in the bust area, you may also have options for the cup size.

Some brands also provide torso measurements, which are especially important for one-piece styles. If depending on your body type, classic one-pieces may have either too much or too little room in the torso. By finding a brand that offers long torso swimsuits or petite swimsuits, you can find a one-piece that fits you like a glove. Adjustable elements to a swimsuit can give you a bit of extra leeway when ordering your one-piece. Being able to tighten or loosen the straps to your body shape can be the difference between a definite yes and an absolute no.

One-Piece Styles

One piece styles can range from modest swim dress styles to trendy high-leg designs. Cutouts in the front, back, or sides can add extra flair if you want something unique and attention-grabbing. For something modest but flattering, you can look for designs that incorporate ruching or a fauxkini hemline that gives the illusion of a flowy two-piece top.

Fabric Options

The material of your one piece impacts its durability, elasticity, and comfort. You may want an eco-friendly material, like hemp, a cotton blend, or a recycled synthetic. If support is your number one priority, a stretchy, slimming spandex tummy control one piece swimsuit may give you the extra smoothing and shaping you’re looking for. Quality fabrics often offer UPF protection from the sun’s rays every time you hit the pool.

Print and Color

One of the best parts of swimwear shopping is getting to choose from all the cute tropical prints and stylish colors. Having a suit that aligns with your personal style can add a bit of confidence and joy to every trip to the beach. Opt for classic black for a slimming, timeless color, or explore fun florals and dramatic gradients to share a bit of personality at the pool. If you love the classic look of a solid color but want to add a bit of extra flair, consider picking out rash guards or cover-ups in a contrasting print or color.

Activity Level

When picking out a one-piece, you want something that’s just as functional as it is stylish. Before adding a suit to your cart, think about how active you plan to be in your swimwear. Whether you’re chasing your kids around the pool or simply enjoying the sun, you want a suit that matches your activity level with appropriate coverage and support.

For lounging at the beach, go ahead and grab that one-piece with a ruffled swim skirt, flirty cutout, or long strappy ties. If you plan on swimming laps in your suit and doing aquatic workouts, you may want something a bit more aerodynamic, such as a basic racerback style with a modest neckline.

Company Policies

Even after thoroughly researching your swimsuit options, you don’t truly know how a one-piece will look on you until you try it on. If you’re between sizes, you may want to purchase two sizes to see which fits best, then return the other. When ordering online, make sure you understand each brand’s policies when it comes to returns.

Now that you’re equipped with your checklist, you can approach swimwear shopping with confidence. When it comes to swimsuit shopping, it’s okay to be picky–with so many options out there, you’re bound to find one that you love.


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