Top 10 Favorite Cardigan Looks

Top 10 Favorite Cardigan Looks

There are so many special things about fall. Piles of red and gold leaves line the streets. Invitations for Halloween and Thanksgiving celebrations find their way to your mailbox. And sweater weather finally arrives, meaning it’s time to bust out the cardigan sweaters! A warm cardi is the ultimate fall fashion staple and can be used to create so many stunning looks, so don’t hesitate to treat yourself to a new one (or two!).

1 - Ready for the interview

Hoping to close out the year with a new job? You’ll need a smart interview outfit for that first meeting with your future boss. Try a twinset – which consists of a high-necked cardigan and a matching shell – in a rich jewel tone, like sapphire blue, ruby red or emerald green. Keep your jewelry simple; a string of pearls or some sturdy earrings are all you need. On bottom, wear a plain pencil skirt or a pair of black slacks and dress shoes.

2 - Hanging out with the girls

Whether you’re getting lunch, going to a movie or enjoying a glass of wine, you’ll need a comfy outfit when you hang out with your nearest and dearest. Try some stretchy jeggings (they look like skinny jeans but feel much more comfortable) and a striped tee. Toss an open cardigan on top and slip into some plain white sneakers or a pair of leather loafers. Add a long necklace for that extra touch and finish your look with a cool cropped trench coat.

3 - Time for a celebration

With its flowing neckline and relaxed fit, a waterfall cardigan is the perfect piece when you’re heading to a gathering. Wear one when enjoying Thanksgiving at the in-laws or attending a drinks and canapes mixer at a coworker’s house. If it’s made of super soft cashmere, all the better! Wear one over a plain, collar-less top and your favorite pants. You can even get away with skinny jeans when wearing this cardi, as its grace and simplicity elevates any outfit.

4 - Fighting off the cold

Fall is a funny time of year – some days are mild and warm, others are downright freezing. When the temperatures drop, reach for a toasty cable cardigan. The shawl collar will keep out the chill and you can easily layer it with a turtleneck if you want to up the snuggle factor. Roomy pockets will keep your hands warm, too. Wear it with your favorite jeans and a pair of leather boots and you’ll be shiver-free all day long.

5 - Walking across campus

A good cardigan is a must if you’re heading away to college in the fall. Try one that looks like a blazer and wear it in place of a coat before it gets too cold. The tailored cut shows off your curves and it’s lovely with a dress or a shirt and women’s jeans, as it adds that perfect touch of polish. When the air is a little nippy, wrap a wool scarf around your neck and put on a matching hat. Toss a canvas backpack over your shoulder and your collegiate-inspired look is complete.

6 - Looking good at work

You should always have a spare cardigan at the office in case the AC gets cranked up to levels that Frosty the Snowman would enjoy. But a nice cardi can be part of a smart work outfit just because it looks good, too. Try wearing a belted version over a floral print dress. It will make your waist appear smaller and the fitted cut looks extra sleek. All you need to add are ankle boots and a pair of tights – try some thick ones if you get chilly easily.

7 - Add a little whimsy

It’s always a good time for a printed cardigan! Heading to a birthday celebration? Try one covered in cheery polka dots and your cutest dress. If you’re going on a hayride with the kids, put on bootcut jeans and a cardi with a fall-friendly buffalo check pattern, which will look adorable in your family photos. A floral print will brighten up any day (and outfit) and there’s something irresistible about gingham. When Christmas is just around the corner, add a little festive spirit with a beguiling snowflake pattern.

8 - A night on the town

Did you know a cardigan can actually be…a little sexy? It’s true! Try one with a v-neckline and don’t wear anything underneath. Tuck it into a pair of black skinny jeans or faux leather leggings and dust a little sparkly blush along your décolletage. Put on your favorite heels and voila – you have a striking and sensual outfit perfect for a night out.

9 - Attending a book club

Shout out to the librarians who rocked this look before it was cool. Maybe you'll be the lucky one who gets to sit by the fire. Maybe there is no fire and you're in a building that didn't realize it was cold enough outside! Either way, a cardigan is perfect for your cozy reading outfit. Throw on some leggings, wool socks, and chunky boots. Don't forget your reading glasses (if you wear them).

10 - Heading to yoga class

No one ever thinks about the short trip from your home to the car and the car to the gym. But on some fall days, the wind will suck the warmth right off your body without a nice, oversize cardigan. Whether you're wearing a yoga bra or a t-shirt, an oversize cardigan will tie you over for those short trips.


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