Father’s Day Gifts To Give

Father’s Day Gifts To Give

Dads deserve the world but never seem to want anything. We want to show our father figure how much he means to us, especially on a national holiday dedicated to him!

So here we have a fun and fantastic list of the best Father’s Day gifts for the dad in your life. From the quirky to the heartfelt, here are some of the best Father’s Day gifts to make your hunt for the perfect item a little less stressful.

For the Sporty Dad

He probably already owns several jerseys of his favorite teams, right? And he likely also already has towels and signs and posters and any sports memorabilia you can imagine. So what is there left to get him? For this dad, you could send him to a week-long in-person fantasy sports camp. There are many versions of this, the most popular among them being LA Galaxy Adult Soccer Fantasy Camp. Send dad to grown-up summer camp to live out his sporty fantasy with other dads. Don’t forget to pack him his men's athletic shorts.

For the Techy Dad

This dad might be the hardest to shop for if you are not up-to-date on the latest in new technology gadgets yourself. A robe or a fancy cigar box probably won't cut it for this dad. He may want a smart thermostat so he can control the temperature of the house from anywhere. Or maybe he wants a pair of noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones so that he can relax and listen to podcasts in peace.

The Outdoorsy Dad

The outdoor-loving dad's go-to activities may be hiking, biking, camping, and adventuring. These super active outdoorsy folk are probably in the market for new gear. Does your dad go solo camping or backpacking a lot? Get him bear spray (pepper spray in case of a wild animal encounter), an ultra-lightweight multitool for his backpack, or a new lightweight down sleeping bag. Maybe this dad just needs a new pair of men's cargo shorts.

Is your dad more of a mountain biking dad? Get him a hydration pack so that he can stay hydrated without ever slowing down. Men's workout shirts are a great gift option as well. Opt for bright colors or reflective gear for safety. Get him a new comfy gel seat cover or new grippy riding gloves.

The Grill Dad

You know the type. Always in the backyard, always grilling meats for dinner and hosting backyard BBQs. Get this dad a personalized set of grilling tools or a big personalized platter that he can use to stack burgers and steaks this summer. Also, it gets hot out there! Consider getting your Grill Dad a sunshade canopy to stretch out over the grill area, or a wireless fan to keep him cool while he’s out there grilling away.

The Business Dad

This dad works hard. He is your business suit toting dad who probably already has accrued a massive collection of ties and cufflinks, so now what do you get him? Remind this dad why he works so hard by getting him and the rest of the family matching family pajamas that he can wear while away on business trips. Send him the pajamas and organize a family Zoom meeting or Facetime call where the whole family is also wearing their matching family pajamas. Feel like you are together, from anywhere in the world.

This dad would probably also appreciate a smart picture frame for his work office. Pre-load the picture frame with a slide show of family pictures for him.

The Hunting and Fishing Dad

Of course, you could always get this dad another men’s fleece or a flannel shirt. But what about a set of coasters made from shotgun shells? Or a collapsible pour-over kit so that he can make coffee during those early-morning hunts from his tree stand or box blind tower.

For this fishing dad, how about a floating cooler to keep his water and beer cool while floating out in the middle of the open lake? For a fun, funny gift for this dad, you could get him a fishing pole campfire roaster. This is a faux fishing pole with metal prongs to hold over an open flame and roast hotdogs and marshmallows to perfection.

We hope this non-exhaustive list has helped and inspired you to find the perfect gift for the dad in your life this year. Happy Father’s Day!


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