8 Father’s Day Gifts He Can Use Year-Round

8 Father’s Day Gifts He Can Use Year-Round

Father’s Day is all about giving dad a little extra love. Maybe it’s a sentimental gift, or perhaps it’s a Father’s Day gift he can use year-round. Either way, we’ve rounded up the list of the best Father’s Day gift ideas that he’ll love no matter what time of year it is.

1. A Dad’s Day Off Gift Basket

We love the idea of gift baskets. Get your whole family to participate in coming up with a fun-filled gift basket just for dad. Start by giving him all the things he needs for the perfect day off. If he gardens, get a gardening tool kit. Loves video games or sports? Buy him tickets to the game. Either way, prepare him for an awesome day off. He deserves it after all!

2. A Sports Club Membership

Consider giving your dad the gift that keeps on giving this Father’s Day. A membership to something such as a golf club, swimming club, or another club that involves his favorite activity is a great Father’s Day gift idea. Again, you can utilize the gift basket idea. For example, if you give him a golf club membership, add in a few men’s polo shirts, a golf glove, and some balls. For swimming, perhaps include a couple of men’s rash guards and a nifty pair of goggles.

3. Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes make excellent gifts because you get something new throughout the year. There are plenty of subscription boxes from shaving cream to artisanal coffees. Choose a subscription box that has a few of his favorite things. Not sure what box would work? Go for a snack box or something utilitarian with a little luxury, like a new pair of designer socks each month. Subscription boxes typically don’t break the bank but give a lot of really thoughtful items that might otherwise be hard to find. These boxes are a great way to give a year-round Father’s Day gift.

4. A Family Portrait

Spruce up his office with a family portrait that’s actually a painting. Some companies offer the chance to take your favorite family photo and turn it into a painting. The image is then printed on canvas and sent to you in various sizes. It’s an amazing way to give your dad the gift of your favorite memories together. Snag a picture size that suits his office, bedroom, or favorite place in the house.

5. His Favorite Bedding

Everyone wants to relax and enjoy a comfortable night’s rest. Monogrammed bedding offers the gift of year-round comfort. Soft sheets make a difference when it comes to getting the best sleep. Combine that with some awesome men’s loungewear, slippers, and a coffee mug and you’ll have the perfect gift for the hardworking dad.

6. Games Galore

Does your dad love gaming? Give a Father’s Day gift he’ll remember with a few video games or online subscriptions. These gifts offer plenty of entertainment. Make it special by giving a multi-player game so the whole family can jump in on the fun. Plan a family game night and get everyone together for an evening of tasty snacks, pizza, and games.

7. Plan an Experience

Sometimes a physical gift isn’t enough. Instead, plan an experience. Head out on a family hike and enjoy a meal at your dad’s favorite restaurant. Again, a gift basket and surprise outing make the perfect overall gift. Experiences are year-round gifts because the memories last a lifetime. Consider taking a group photo and following up with a printed painting of his new favorite family portrait.

8. Wardrobe Updates

Who doesn’t love to get a few fancy new threads? This year, give your dad his favorite pair of men’s jeans and a few awesome button-up shirts. Round out the outfit with a nice new pair of loafers or boots. Put together a complete outfit for one of your dad’s favorite activities so that he can look and feel his best. Clothing staples are the ideal gift for the dad who has a fashion sense and enjoys dressing for the occasion.

This year, use these Father’s Day gift ideas to give a present that lasts. These year-round gift ideas will continue to give no matter what day it is. He’ll love the thought and be able to enjoy his Father’s Day treat for years to come.

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