Fashion Tips for the Big and Tall Man

Fashion Tips for the Big and Tall Man

If you are taller than average, your wardrobe may be made up of less of what you might actually choose and more of whatever you can find that fits, more or less. Especially if you struggle with shopping and why it’s a big deal anyway.

The thing is, it does matter. Clothing affects you on several different levels. First, it affects how you feel. When you are in uncomfortable clothes or know that what you are wearing isn’t quite right, you don’t feel as good. To be your most confident self, you want to wear clothes that make you feel good. This is why we’ve made this guide! Do you want tips to help you feel your greatest, most confident self? We’ve got you.

Defining “Big and Tall”

Big and tall men have longer measurements for the arms, legs, and torso as well as larger measurements for the neck, shoulders, chest, and waist. This matters because it changes how clothes fit you, so shopping big and tall specifically will help you find the right clothes. Then you can say goodbye to the awkward-length sleeves and pant legs and hello to well-fitting tops and real, big and tall pants!


1) Use Your Clothes to Give You Length

Why do you need more length, you say? In order to keep your body proportions in balance. What does that mean? It means every human has areas of their body that are a bit out of proportion and your clothes are there to help you even things out. If you are big and tall, you want to lengthen the rounder parts of you. When your clothes lengthen you, you get a better visual balance.

So, we can add a little length in two ways. One way is by utilizing V-neck necklines on your shirts. The “V” part draws the eye up. When the eye follows that vertical line, it focuses on your height. You can do this with V-neck big and tall tee shirts, V-neck big and tall sweaters, or even by unbuttoning a few buttons on your collared big and tall dress shirts. Whatever creates a “V” shape will help you out.

The second way to add length is by wearing vertical stripes. In general, patterns enlarge, but if you choose thinner stripes or small and delicate designs, patterns can enhance your outfit just like they do anyone else’s. With vertical stripes, the eye is, again, drawn up and down. This vertical path focuses more on your height than anything else.

2) Keep the Attention High

Keeping the attention high is a good fashion move for guys in general. Plus, the big and tall guy is tall, so if you keep the eye drawn upward, you get the full benefit of your length, and it focuses the eye on your face. This is helpful for fashion reasons and for communication. To keep the attention high, wear things like jackets with detailed or padded shoulders.

Layers also benefit you by creating further vertical lines either with the “V” shape made by a buttoned suit blazer or with long rectangle shapes made by unbuttoned jackets—like a big and tall fleece jacket.

3) Dark Colors

While patterns are fun and can help you out if you choose the right ones, you will want to pay attention to how patterns fall on you as a big and tall guy. If you go with simple, solid colors, your choices become a bit easier. Colors affect visual perception in a unique way. The eye is attracted to lighter colors while darker colors draw less attention. Because dark colors are more subtle, they have a slimming effect. When wearing your big and tall jeans, the dark wash will be the perfect complement to whatever shirt style and color you pair with it.

Well-fitting clothes can really increase your confidence and make sure you feel as good as you look.


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