4 Fashion Struggles Tall Women Deal With

4 Struggles Tall Women Deal With

It's nearly impossible for a clothing article to fit every body shape, that’s why petite sizing, plus-size sizing, and tall sizing exist. Different body types face different challenges when it comes to buying clothes, and for tall women, those challenges often revolve around items that are too short. Luckily, there are easy solutions to that problem.

Here are common struggles tall women deal with when wearing tried-and-true outfits or shopping for new clothes—and some tips to help remedy those challenges.

Too-Short Pants

Ankle-peeping capris are stylish and comfortable, but your meant-to-be-full-length women’s jeans shouldn’t show your ankle. For tall women, it can be challenging to find jeans, khakis, dress pants, and even leggings that are long enough, leading to frustration and an outfit that doesn't look quite right.

That’s where long-sized women’s pants come into play. At Lands’ End, we have an array of women’s clothing in tall sizes, including tall women’s pants, tall yoga pants, all made exclusively for women who find regular-length pants too short. When you buy pants in tall sizes, you’ll never have to deal with the too-short pants problem and instead can wear stylish jeans or leggings that fall all the way down to your shoe line. This way, you can wear your tall-sized pants with whatever shoes you please—whether you plan on wearing boots, flats, or sneakers.

Midriff-Showing Shirts

Just like too-short pants, too-short shirts are a common struggle that tall women face. Whether a tunic, a classic tee, or a cashmere sweater, tall women are often stuck wearing shirts made for folks many inches shorter than them. Think about it — how do women who measure just 5 feet and 4 inches wear the same top as a woman who is nearly 6 feet tall? In the end, tall women should be wearing shirts made in tall sizes, just like with pants, to keep their belly from showing when they are looking for a full-coverage shirt.

You can choose from a range of women’s tall tops like tall sweatshirts, tall V-neck tops, tall cardigans, tall athletic shirts, and more. Many tall-sized shirts are made with just tall women in mind, which means you won’t be faced with dealing with shirts that are too short when you slip on a tall-sized tee. Goodbye, peeking-out midriff! Hello, full coverage.

Short Shorts

In women’s fashion, shorts can already be very short, and for tall women, specifically, shorts can easily resemble pajama shorts when the wrong size or length is purchased. For tall women, wearing short shorts can be a common challenge because of the nature of the shorts—they’re meant to come up high on your leg. But high on a shorter woman’s leg is much different than high on a taller woman’s leg.

This may sound like a broken record, but the importance of buying tall-sized shorts is paramount here, too. Whether you’re shopping for jean shorts, khakis, or a pair of athletic shorts. Be sure to keep an eye out for special tall sizing in those varieties and to pick up a few extra pairs of tall active shorts while you’re at it (you can never have enough comfy shorts!). When wearing tall-sized shorts, you’ll be sure to have a pair that gives you all the coverage you need while still giving your legs some breathing room.

Anxiety Around Wearing Heeled Shoes

Let’s say it once and for all: high-heeled shoes are as appropriate for all women as they are for short women. Unfortunately, though, many tall women are hesitant to show off their height by wearing a pair of high heels. That’s why you’ll find many tall women opting for flats or sneakers instead of those heeled sandals they really want to wear - but this is a preference, not a rule.

Being tall is cool! So go ahead, rock those beautiful sky-high heels you’ve had your eye on for years.

While tall women may face some struggles when picking out an outfit to wear, there are many remedies to those struggles. The biggest of which is—being sure to buy tall-sized clothes whenever possible. You’ll be infinitely more comfortable if you’re in clothing made for your height and not trying to fit into a top or pants made for someone much shorter than you. By purchasing tall-sized clothes you can achieve the right fit for you.


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