Family Activities for Labor Day Weekend

Family Activities for Labor Day Weekend

It’s time to enjoy the last holiday weekend of the summer! Let’s look at some family activities to make this Labor Day weekend your best yet.


A family camping trip is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors and make memories, too. If your crew are experienced campers, head out to your favorite destination and take advantage of all that late summer has to offer, from swimming to kayaking to hiking. If you love the outdoors, but want a lower-key camping experience, consider a night or two of tent or cabin camping. Check out the national parks and campsites near you for fun ideas. If your site requires a reservation, make one early!

Don’t forget to pack the family swimwear, water shoes, and beach towels for your crew. You’ll want to take advantage of any water sports nearby—or maybe just enjoy lounging in the sun.


A family hike will give you all of the fun of exploring mother nature while being easy to fit in for a morning or afternoon activity if you don't care for a weekend-long trip this Labor Day weekend. Consider the ages, developmental levels, and athletic abilities of your family members when planning the route and needed breaks. Everyone will have more fun when they're hiking up to but not beyond their current comfort level. Make sure to stash cold water bottles and sunscreen in your backpack along with non-perishable snacks like trail mix. The secret to a fun hike is staying hydrated and not getting hungry (especially for the little ones).

A family hike also has the advantage of allowing you to come home, take a shower and sleep in your own bed in air conditioning instead of in a tent or cabin if that is more your style.

Movie Marathon

We may not think of movies when we think of Labor Day, but a three-day weekend is an opportunity you will not want to waste. Do you and your crew have favorite movie series, favorite actors, or favorite genres? If so, plan a list of available movies from streaming services or break into the box of DVDs and go for it.

Make sure to plan snacks—including the all-important popcorn. Cozy up with a fleece throw and let the kids bring their favorite pillows and children’s sleeping bags into the family room for the occasion. The more you make it special, the more fun it will be.

Backyard BBQ

Do you or your partner enjoy being the grill master? Labor Day weekend is the perfect end-of-summer occasion for a backyard BBQ. It will be cool weather before we know it, so take advantage of those long summer days and enjoy something sizzling on the grill.

Why not decorate the patio or deck for the occasion? Some fresh flowers or hanging lights can be festive and fun. Ease into that outdoor furniture, put your feet up, and enjoy the warmth of the sun and the scent of the flowers after you enjoy the delicious BBQ.

Make Your Own Tie-Dye T-Shirts

For a fun family activity that is perfect for the end of summer, make tie-dye T-shirts. You can go matching, or everyone can make their own design. This is a great outdoor activity that will make memories (and the clean-up is easy if you do it outdoors). You can start with white men’s T-shirts and then add any colors that you wish.

Check out your favorite search engine for ideas, or ask for advice at your local craft store for tips on how to dye the shirts and let them dry properly to ensure the best designs and color saturation. Make sure to take some fun family pics not just of the final T-shirts but also of the tie-dye process. Just make sure that any water fights involve plain water from the backyard hose and not water with dye in it! If you're tie-dying on a hot day, make an ice-cold pitcher of lemonade for the crew to enjoy afterward.

Brunch Buffet

Take advantage of the long weekend by enjoying a leisurely Sunday (or Saturday or Monday) brunch with the whole family. Plan the menu to include everyone’s favorites and allow as much group participation as possible. Take advantage of delicious summer fruits while they're still in season. If you have little ones, look online for fun ideas of how to cut up fresh fruit and serve it to look like silly faces or flowers. Making pancakes in the shapes of animals (or just trying to) can be great fun. Children of all ages will enjoy this one.

And the best part of this brunch buffet? You can all wear your family pajamas instead of getting everyone dressed and driving to a restaurant.

Enjoy a great Labor Day weekend with your family!


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