The Best Fall Dresses for Girls That Will Last Through the School Year

The Best Fall Dresses for Girls That Will Last Through the School Year

Somehow, summer has flown by, and it’s time to start thinking about stocking up on the necessities for the next school year. Among the notebooks and pens, you’ll want to make sure your little girl is all stocked up on cute, comfortable, and functional wardrobe essentials.

Whether she’s entering a new grade in elementary school or she’s getting geared up for her first day of middle school, she’s bound to be experiencing some nerves and butterflies. However, having some comfortable fall dresses that she can use to put together some cute back-to-school outfits is sure to get her excited!

So what are the best fall dresses to get for your daughter’s school wardrobe? Here are some of our fool-proof, comfortable and easy-to-style dresses for girls that are sure to last throughout the entire school year.

A Chambray Dress

Chambray, which is often described as a lightweight denim material, provides a classic and timeless look. It’s incredibly comfortable and soft. What’s even better is that chambray is really easy to accessorize and pair with other items. Whether you dress it up or keep it casual, chambray dresses are an easy must-have for your daughter’s school wardrobe.

Styling a Chambray Dress: 

1) Chambray dress, tall brown boots and a green scarf around her neck

2) Chambray dress, black ankle boots and a lightweight scarf tied in her hair

3) Chambray dress, mustard-yellow flats, dainty necklace and coordinating earrings

A Sweater Dress

Sweaters are the pinnacle of fall fashion, and a sweater dress just takes that to the next level. Girls’ Sweater dresses come in a variety of lengths, colors and textures, making it easy to find something that fits your daughter’s style as well as the other items in her wardrobe.

Styling a Sweater Dress:

1) Red sweater dress and brown flats

2) Cream sweater dress, tall brown boots and cute earrings

3) Gray sweater dress, white trainers and a lightweight scarf tied in her hair

A Plaid Dress

There’s just something about plaid that screams fall! Whether it’s a tunic-style plaid dress worn with some comfy girls’ leggings or it’s a longer-length dress that can be worn on its own, a plaid dress is an easy must-have for your daughter’s fall wardrobe. One of the great things about plaid dresses is that you have options with the sleeves. Keep them down at the wrists, roll them up halfway or bring them all the way up to your elbow.

How to Wear a Plaid Dress:

1) Plaid tunic-style dress, leggings and tall brown boots

2) Midi plaid dress, white trainers and a chunky scarf

3) Midi plaid dress, tights and black ankle boots

A Jumper/Overall Dress

Jumpers and overall-style dresses have recently become pretty popular, making them an easy must-have for your daughter’s fall school wardrobe. They’re a good staple to have and can be paired with statement pieces for a well-rounded ensemble for her day at school. They’re also a total dream when it comes to layering. Wear short-sleeve tops on warm days or a cute mock neck on cold days. A jumper or overall dress completes the look.

How to Wear a Jumper or Overall Dress:

1) Dress layered over a long-sleeved girl’s top and ankle boots

2) Dress layered over a short-sleeve top, girl’s cardigan sweater and tall brown boots

3) Dress layered over a chunky sweater and white trainers

A Shirt Dress

If her style is more comfy and laid-back, a shirt dress is the perfect item to include in her wardrobe. It creates the perfect combination of casual and cute, which makes it simple to dress up or down. This is another fantastic opportunity for layering, and with the simplicity that comes with a shirt dress, it makes the perfect blank slate for just about anything.

How to Wear a Shirt Dress:

1) Shirt dress, a girl’s flannel shirt tied around her waist and white trainers

2) Shirt dress, a loose tee tied in a knot to the side and boots

3) Shirt dress, a girl’s cardigan and flats

A Basic Dress

A basic dress could really be any style dress, but it’s one that deserves mentioning because every girl needs one (or two or three). Having reliable wardrobe pieces, for days when she’s slept through her alarm or was up late working on a project, will prove to be total lifesavers and will make incredibly easy outfits!

The best part of a basic dress is that it’s easily worn with anything. Throw it on with any pair of shoes, layer a cardigan over it or accessorize it with jewelry or a scarf. Whatever she feels like putting on, a basic little-girl dress makes the perfect base for anything, from simple to extravagant.

A Statement Dress

On the other end of the spectrum, we firmly believe that every girl needs a pretty statement dress. This could be anything from a unique cut to a bold print. We all know that feeling when we put on a dress and instantly feel like we could do anything. No matter how old your little girl is, she deserves a dress that helps her feel like that when she gets ready for a day at school.

Preparing for the new school year can feel overwhelming, but picking out new clothes should be an activity you look forward to! Make a list of all the clothing in her wardrobe that needs updating and get the right items to help her feel comfortable and cute. When it comes to dresses, she can never have too many! Let’s get her ready to hit the books in style!

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